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Learn how to set up and use the SyncUP PETS.


Imortant Notice about SYNCUP PET Service

Important notice: SyncUP PETS service is ending on November 10 2023. After that time, SyncUP PETS devices will no longer connect to the network so they can't be used to track pets. Any existing SyncUP PETS lines will canceled and no longer billed.

If you have a SyncUP PETS device, there's no need to send it back or take any action. If you have questions, call 611 to speak to a Mobile Expert.



Check out SyncUP PETS app for all the info you need on using the SyncUP PETS app, such as creating an account, adding pets, notification settings, and more!


SyncUP PETS device how tos


Set up / charge device

  1. Turn the tracker counter-clockwise to remove it from the collar mount.
  2. Connect the charging dock to the wall charger with the USB cable and plug it in. The tracker turns on automatically, and the LED turns solid green when fully charged.

The SyncUP PETS device being put on the charging mount. Twist the SyncUP PETS device clockwise to attach it to the collar mount and charger


Power on


To turn the SyncUP PETS device on...

  • Press and hold the button on the back of the device or place the device on the charger until the device light is white.
  • If the SyncUP PETS device does not turn on:
    1. Place the device on the charger and wait up to a minute until the device turns on and beeps.
    2. Remove from the chargers and press the button on the bottom of the device.
    3. Check the color of the device light. Review SyncUP PETS buttons & status lights​.
    4. Check the charger connection (USB and cradle). Confirm the original charger is being used, as other chargers may cause issues.
    5. If the issue continues, file a warranty exchange.

Power off


To turn the SyncUP PETS device off...

Press and hold the button on the back of the device for at least ten (10) seconds. At three (3) seconds, the device will beep and flash blue. Keep holding the button until it flashes purple to turn off.


Attach the collar mount

  1. Attach one of the short ends of a single band to any tab on the collar mount.
  2. Place the collar mount (with attached band) on the top of your pet's collar.
  3. Pull the unattached end of the band under the collar and attach it to the tab on the other side of the collar mount.
  4. Insert the tracker into the collar mount. Turn it clockwise until it locks. Turn the tracker counter-clockwise to remove.

To attach the SyncUP PETS mount to collar, slide one end of the included band to any tab on the collar mount. Place the collar mount (with attached band) on top of the collar. Pull the attached end of the band under the collar and attach it to the tab on the other side of the collar mount.Attach the SyncUP PETS device to the collar mount that is attached to the collar


Buttons & status lights

Tracker device button

Use the button behaviors to perform their corresponding function
Button behavior Function
One short press Update location data.
Two short presses Exit pairing mode.
Three short presses Manually start firmware update over Wi-Fi.
Six short presses Reboot device.
Long press (4 seconds) Enable Bluetooth pairing mode (the device will beep and the LED light will flash blue).
Long press (10 seconds) Enter Sleep/Wake mode (device will beep at 4 seconds, and then again at 10 seconds and LED light will stop flashing).
Five short presses + Five short presses + One long press (4 seconds) Factory reset.


Status lights

Use the tracker LED indicator to determine the status of the device.

Identify the color of the status light and the frequency of its flashing to determine its meaning.
Color Flashing / Solid Meaning
Blue Flashing every 1 seconds Bluetooth Pairing
Blue Solid for 10 seconds Bluetooth successfully paired
Red Flashing The Device is charging, and battery level is < 30%
Yellow Flashing The Device is charging and battery level is >= 30% and < 80%
Green Flashing The Device is charging and battery level is >= 80% and < 90%
Green Solid The Device is charging and battery level is >= 90%
Purple Double Flash Entering Sleep or Button Press while in Sleep Mode
White Solid Turn on during duration of reboot process
White Flashes 2 times When factory default be triggered


Device light

Enable a device light to better locate your pet in the dark and help find lost pets after the sun has gone down. To enable Device light:

  • In the SyncUP PETS app, select the Device light icon on the home screen.
  • The light will not turn off automatically but will notify you if it is on for an extended amount of time.


Battery life expectations

The expected battery life is up to 8 days.

  • Multiple factors may impact the life of the battery, including:
    • Tracking mode
    • High activity
    • Device light
  • For optimal battery life, connect the device to Wi-Fi whenever possible to allow the device to go into power-saving mode.
  • Third-party chargers or charging cables are not recommended, as they can cause connection issues and take longer to charge, which may impact battery life.
  • The SyncUP PETS device must have the most updated software version to ensure it receives any potential bug or defect fixes that could impact battery life.
    • The device must be connected to Wi-Fi and the charger to receive updates.
    • If you are using a new device since the initial setup, you may need to go through the pairing process again to connect the device to Wi-Fi again.

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