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Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Galaxy Watch are third-party apps for Android and Apple iOS devices. If you're running into problems with this app, check out our troubleshooting tips.


What you can do with the Galaxy Wearable app

Use the Galaxy Wearable application to set up and manage the following features for your Samsung wearable:

  • Mobile device connection/disconnection
  • Software updates - Clock settings
  • Application download and settings
  • Find my Watch
  • Notification type and settings, etc.
  • Connect to and disconnect from a mobile device
  • Application download and settings
  • Find my Watch


What you need to use it

For best results, connect with a compatible Samsung Galaxy device. See Samsung's device compatibility list.

Samsung wearables pair with smartphones running modern versions of:

  • Android (5.0 and later)
  • Apple iOS (9.0 and later) - On iOS devices, you can only use the watch through Bluetooth.


What you need to know

  • Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
  • Settings and features provided by the Galaxy Watch application are only available when Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport and Galaxy Watch is connected to your mobile device.


How to use your app

Activate or connect a watch on your smartphone

  1. Turn on the Watch.
  2. On the smartphone, install and open the Galaxy Wear app. (If necessary, update the app to the latest version.)
  3. Start the setup:
    • If the phone isn't paired with the watch, tap Get started in the app.
    • If the phone is paired with the watch already, tap Mobile networks in the app.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to continue the activation process.
  5. When complete, make sure Remote connection is turned on (steps below) to keep it connected to the phone over cellular.

Remote connection

Use your Samsung account to connect to your smartphone to your watch remotely over Wi-Fi or mobile data. This is useful when the devices are not connected by Bluetooth. Your watch can still receive notifications from your smartphone.

  1. You must connect the watch to Wi-Fi and sign in to your Samsung account on the smartphone to enable this feature.
  2. Open the Galaxy Wear app.
  3. Tap Account and backup.
  4. Tap Remote connection to turn it on or off.

Back up, switch phones, and restore

When you connect the watch to another smartphone, the watch resets. Make sure you back up important data and settings on your watch, so you can restore them.

  • Back up your watch settings and data:
    1. Open the Galaxy Wear app.
    2. Tap Account and backup.
    3. Tap Back up and restore.
    4. Tap Backup settings.
    5. Select all the data you want to back up on the watch.
    6. Tap Back up now, and you can also turn on Auto back up. This backs up to your Samsung account.
  • Switch to a new phone:
    1. On your watch, go into settings, and connect to new phone. Check the watch user manual for steps.
    2. This removes the watch connection to your last phone and resets the watch.
    3. Then follow steps to activate or connect your new phone.
  • Restore your watch settings and data:
    1. Open the Galaxy Wear app.
    2. Tap Account and backup.
    3. Tap Back up and restore.
    4. Tap Restore. The phone searches for backups to restore on your Samsung account.
    5. Review the backup data you want to restore.
    6. Tap Restore now.
    7. On the phone, confirm Remote connection is turned on (steps above).

Software updates

Check Watch software:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wear app.
  2. Tap About watch.
  3. Tap Update watch software.
  4. View the software version.
  5. Tap Download and install to update. If a new version is available, tap Install now and follow on-screen prompts. The watch restarts.

Check smartphone app:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wear app.
  2. At the bottom, tap About Galaxy Wearable.
  3. The app displays the version, and it should say "The latest version is already installed."

Find My Watch

  1. Open the Galaxy Wear app.
  2. Tap Find My Watch.
  3. Tap Get location to see the GPS address of your watch.
  4. Tap Start to look for your watch. Your watch will play a sound, vibrate, and turn on its screen.
  5. Tap Stop to turn off the sound and vibration

More help

The Samsung app can do a lot more for your wearable! For any further help with the app, please visit Samsung's help for Galaxy Wearable or contact Samsung. T-Mobile can only provide limited support for other developers' applications.

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