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If you're having issues with your device and troubleshooting isn't helping, we can help!

What does my device warranty include?

Electrical and mechanical issues due to defects

  • Device network issues, such as no service or no internet
  • Device cannot turn on
  • Crashing or freezing
  • Issues reading memory card or SIM card
  • Unresponsive button
  • Flip phone hinge is stuck
  • Antenna does not extend

Does not include

All physical damage is excluded from warranty coverage

  • Cracks in the back or case, dents, chipped glass, etc.
  • Missing or damaged buttons
  • Scuffs or scratches on the device case
  • Screen damage
  • Camera lens scratch or damage
  • Charging port damaged, loose, or not charging
  • Battery issues

Warranty programs are available directly through T-Mobile, Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), or other insurers.

In-warranty solutions

Devices are covered by the OEM warranty period (typically 12 months). REVVL devices are covered by T-Mobile’s 24-month limited warranty. Exclusions and restrictions apply.

  1. First, check out our easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps that fix most device issues.
  2. Contact us:

Protection <360>® or Device Protection solutions

If you have Protection <360>® or Basic Device Protection, you get:

  • Extended warranty for upgrade or repair for as long as you have protection services active on your account.
  • Devices with issues not covered by warranty, file a claim, or upgrade. For devices covered by Apple Care services or Apple, contact Apple support.

Out-of-warranty solutions

Common reasons a device is out of warranty:

  • The original manufacturer warranty period is expired.
  • The device was purchased through a third party, like a friend or re-seller.
  • Device has third-party parts from an unauthorized repair.
  • Liquid or physical damage is present. Always check for damage! If we receive a damaged device your account will be charged a fee.

Device is damaged

Not purchased from T-Mobile or is outside of warranty

  • Contact the manufacturer directly if you do not want to, or cannot, participate in T-Mobile’s device replacement program.
  • If you have Protection <360>, contact Assurant 
  • Explore eligibility options to upgrade your device.

Complete an exchange in-store

After diagnostics and troubleshooting have been completed, we will order a replacement device that will be sent to the T-Mobile store of your choice. We will notify you when the device arrives at the store.

Prepare for your replacement

  • Back up your device and reset it to remove personal information, which we can help you with at the store.
  • Device color is not guaranteed. The replacement device may be refurbished and will carry a 90-day warranty, or the original warranty, whichever is longer.
  • Keep SIM cards & accessories, including case, charger, back cover, SIM card, memory card, removable battery, stylus, and watchband or other accessories. (T-Mobile cannot retrieve them after devices are sent to the Return Center.)

Replacement pick up & payment process

  • Pay the warranty exchange fee including tax if applicable.
  • Pick up your replacement device within 14 days from the order date, otherwise the order will be canceled.
  • You must be listed as the Billing Responsible Party or authorized user, have a photo ID and bring the defective device to the store.
  • The device will be inspected in the store for damage to help prevent unexpected fees.
  • Once we collects your device, you cannot be charged an out-of-warranty or non-return fee.
  • If the device is found to be damaged, we will cancel the exchange instead of charging you for the device and help you explore alternate replacement options.
  • If you require an exception to this process, Contact Us to speak with us for an alternate solution.  

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