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Learn how Protection<360>® (P<360>) protects your device. If you need to file a claim, find out how

What's included with P<360>

Protection<360> covers the repair or replacement of your device in the event of hardware service issues (mechanical breakdown), even after the manufacturer's warranty expires, accidental damage, and loss and theft. 

  • For complete coverage details, benefits, limitations, exclusions, and costs, visit
  • Device protection is not required to activate service with T-Mobile, but without protection, you may be responsible for the full replacement cost of your device if it is accidentally damaged, lost, stolen or suffers a mechanical breakdown. 
  • Protection<360> gives you access to both an insurance plan and a service contract plan, including Apple Care Service for eligible Apple devices. In New York, these options can be bought separately.

In New York:

  • The Insurance Device Protection Plan provides coverage for accidental damage, loss, and theft.
  • The Service Contract Device Protection Plan provides coverage for hardware service issues (mechanical breakdown), JUMP!® Upgrades, unlimited screen protector replacements, and access to tech support and mobile security apps.
  • Discount for both plans: If you buy both the Insurance Device Protection Plan and the Service Contract Device Protection Plan, you'll get a discount of up to $1.50 on the Insurance Device Protection Plan, depending on the device tier.
  • If the device was bought from another provider: To enroll in the Insurance Device Protection Plan and receive the same discount, visit a T-Mobile store or Contact Us within 30 days of enrollment. You must show proof of service contract.

How claims work

  • Get up to five total claims in any rolling 12-month period based on the date of the first repair or replacement for loss, theft, and accidental damage (including screen-only repair). 
    • No limit on hardware service (mechanical breakdown) claims. 
    • Once your claim is approved, a service fee/deductible based on your device tier and the type of claim plus tax, if applicable, will be collected from you by credit card, debit card or eCheck.
  • $5 processing fee for warranty exchanges through T-Mobile. 
    • No processing fee for eligible hardware service claims handled by the manufacturer. All BYOD hardware service exchanges must be handled by Assurant. 
    • No processing fee for BYOD coverage (add savings and overnight shipping.)
  • File claims online at or in the Protection<360>® app on Android or iOS 

Protection<360>®  benefits

  • Device replacement in the event of loss/theft.
  • Device repairs or replacements for hardware service issues (mechanical breakdown).
  • Screen repair is available through Assurant’s Repair Network. Call Assurant to make an appt at one of the Phone Repair locations.
  • If you purchase Protection<360>, Apple® may provide service and technical support for eligible devices through AppleCare Service. Your new Apple device is eligible for AppleCare Services during the first 24 months from the date you enroll in Protection<360> and as long as your plan coverage remains uninterrupted.
  • JUMP!® Upgrades: Available on EIP devices when 50 percent of the device cost has been paid. (No BYOD)
  • McAfee® Security for T-Mobile with ID Theft Protection
  • Protection<360>® app by Assurant®  - File and track a claim or get live technical support for your connected devices like routers, game consoles, and smart TVs.  
    • Download and register the Protection<360>® app by Assurant® for full feature access.
    • Availability and features may vary by device and operating system.
  • Unlimited broken or defective screen protector replacements.
  • Eligible screen protectors purchased from T-Mobile on the same day you enroll in Protection<360>® or after, can be replaced in-store at no additional cost. (Excludes liquid glass screen protectors.)



Bring your own device (BYOD) P<360> benefits

  • All items as listed in P<360> section except JUMP!® Upgrades.
  • Learn more about BYOD coverage, on the BYOD page. 

Basic protection  benefits

  • Coverage for accidental damage, loss, and theft.
  • Coverage for hardware service issues (mechanical breakdown).
  • Screen repair is available through Assurant’s Repair Network. Call Assurant to make an appt at one of the Phone Repair locations.
  • Not available in NY.

Monthly cost

For complete plan details, including monthly cost, benefits, exclusions, deductibles, limits, and disclosures, visit

Service fee/deductible

Check you have device protection coverage


T-Mobile app

  1. Log in to the T-Mobile app and follow one of the options to review your coverage.
    • Select the device. On the EQUIPMENT tab, select Device protected File a claim.
    • Select the ACCOUNT tab.
      1. For the desired line, select ADD-ONS.
      2. On the PLAN DETAILS tab, select Protection<360> or Basic Protection.
  2. If no device protection is found, you will not find Protection<360> or Basic Protection options listed account


Log in to your account online to review your coverage.

  1. Select Manage add-ons.
  2. If you have device protection, you'll find the service in the Protection<360> or Basic Protection in the Services section.

Enroll in device protection

  • If you didn’t add device protection at the point of sale, you may still register for it up to 30 days after the purchase, activation, lease or finance by visiting a T-Mobile store.
  • A visual mechanical inspection is completed in-store to ensure eligibility and that the device is free of physical or mechanical damage. The same eligibility requirements apply when you Bring your own Device (BYOD).

Cancel device protection

You may cancel coverage from your account online at any time.

  • Once device protection is removed from the account you are not eligible to re-add the service with your current equipment. If you cancel device protection, it cannot be re-added to the device or line until another qualifying event, such as a new device purchase.
  • By removing device protection, you will also lose these services:
    • In the unfortunate event that your device is lost, stolen, or damaged, you are responsible for the full cost to repair or replace your device.
      • Apple devices will lose AppleCare Services, and it cannot be re-added to this device.
      • Review the price of a new device, and compare it to the customer's deductible. Check the Assurant My Deductible page for additional information.
    • McAfee Security with ID theft protection support, which helps to:
      • Protect devices (up to 10) against the latest viruses, malware, and online threats
      • Wipe and lock your data remotely
    • JUMP! Upgrades

Full Terms

For complete coverage details, including benefits, limitations, exclusions and costs, please visit

Insurance coverage is underwritten by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida. Service contract coverage is provided by Federal Warranty Service Corporation, United Service Protection, Inc., and Assurant Service Protection, Inc. All of these companies operate under the trade name Assurant. McAfee® Security for T-Mobile is provided by McAfee, Inc. The McAfee® Security for T-Mobile app and the Protection<360> app by Assurant® aren’t insurance products or service contracts and are part of Protection<360>.

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