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T-Mobile apps.

Download these apps to get the most out of your service and benefits.

T-Mobile app

Simplify your life with the T-Mobile app. Easily pay your bill, manage your account, upgrade your phone, and contact Care—virtually anytime, anywhere.

T-Mobile Tuesdays

Get free stuff and the chance to win epic prizes every week—this app is how you #GetThanked just for being our customer.


Add DIGITS to your account and connect your number to multiple devices, or connect up to 5 numbers to one device. You can even share one number with multiple people.


Get Wi-Fi in your car with our SyncUP DRIVE. This app provides a ton of helpful features like real-time vehicle information, driving analysis, and roadside assistance.

Device protection apps

If you’re a Protection<360>® customer, download McAfee® Security for T-Mobile and TechPHD by Assurant®. You’ll get help with technical issues, identity protection and lost device location.