Discover the ultimate smartwatch and data plan experience.

Explore T-Mobile’s exceptional data plans for smartwatches with 5G coverage available and a range of features to fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re crushing your workout goals, or checking off your to-do list, find the smartwatch that’s right for you to stay connected without your phone.

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$15/mo—Watch line

Plan benefits:

• Cellular connection without your phone

• Unlimited talk and text

• 50GB of high-speed data in the United States

• Up to 15GB of high-speed data in Canada and Mexico

• Up to 5GB of high-speed in 215+ countries and destinations outside of the U.S.

​​$12/mo—Watch line

Plan benefits:

• Cellular connection without your phone

• 50GB of high-speed data in the United States

• Up to 5GB of high-speed data in 11 Central European countries

Getting connected is simple.

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Review and activate

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​​Watch SE2​

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Watch Series 9 45mm

Light Pink Apple Watch Series 9 41mm shown

Galaxy Watch6 44mm

Gold Samsung Galaxy Watch6 44mm shown.

Pixel Watch 2

Black Google Pixel Watch shown

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Elevate your smartwatch capabilities with affordable high-speed data plans.

Unlock our extraordinary smartwatch data plans that surpass the competition with unbeatable prices, abundant data offerings, and a wide array of options customized to fit your needs. We pride ourselves on a smooth, trouble-free sign-up process, allowing you to dive into browsing on your smartwatch immediately.


Do I need a data plan for smartwatches?

Yes. Smartwatches make life easier, giving you the features of a cellphone all from the convenience of your wrist. To utilize all the capabilities of a smartphone, such as making calls, sending texts, location tracting, etc., you’ll need a data plan. 


What makes T-Mobile data plans the top choice for you?

T-Mobile’s smartwatch data plans offer flexibility—they can easily be upgraded or downgraded to fit your needs. With us, you’re free to use your existing device, or pick from our extensive selection of state-of-the-art smartwatches, ensuring the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Key features and benefits include consistent, high-speed data connections facilitated by our advanced 5G network technology. Stay connected and enjoy an unparalleled amazing browsing experience, all supported by our dedicated customer service team. Opt for our best smartwatch data plans by simply choosing a device – your smartwatch will appreciate it.


Why do I need 5G?

With speeds faster than Wi-fi and Bluetooth, 5G is the next best thing in wireless network technology. It is continuously changing how we work and live, with more reliability, faster data speeds, and greater network capacity. Learn more about 5G.