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Keep tabs on your kids and family with the GPS-enabled SyncUP KIDS Watch

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Get the GPS-enabled SyncUP KIDS Watch, plus 2 bands, ON US.

When you add a qualifying watch line.

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SyncUP KIDS™ Watch

Get 3 more bands FREE with a new watch purchase.

Get a package of 2 nylon bands + 1 silicon band in various colors. Available in-store only until April 3rd (while supplies last).

A pack of 3 watch bands.

How does SyncUP KIDS Watch stack up?

5 stars

Fun features for them. Peace of mind for you.

Talk and text.

Connect with texts, videos and audio calls, and voice messaging from parent-approved contacts—no spam or wrong numbers.*

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Real-time GPS location tracking.

Receive updates on your child's whereabouts with up-to-the-minute location tracking.* All in one app.

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Virtual boundary alerts.

Get notification alerts in the app when your kids leave a designated area.*

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Help button.

Your kid can easily alert their designated emergency contacts and call 911.*

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Fun and focus.

Kids enjoy the built-in camera, games, themes, and characters—until it’s time to limit distractions with school mode.

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Splash proof.

The new water-resistant style includes a replaceable screen protector for added durability.

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Use the SyncUP KIDS app to stay connected and take control.

With over 40,000 5-star reviews, the SyncUP KIDS app on your smartphone or tablet gives you control over GPS location tracking, boundary settings, instant messaging, and more. Plus, create groups to find friends and loved ones—even if they're not on T-Mobile.

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The reviews are in—SyncUP KIDS Watch is a hit!

USA TODAY Reviewed - Jul 2023

"Best for Staying on Task."

Parents – August 2023

"Our favorite smartwatch made specifically for kids."

ZDNet - August 2023

"Best T-Mobile GPS tracker for kids."

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  • The SyncUp KIDS Watch now offers added scratch resistance and shatter protection with the factory installed, user replaceable, screen protector as well as two watch band options (grey/blue nylon and black silicone) for all day comfort and ease of use on kid’s wrists.

  • T-Mobile protects your child’s information. SyncUP KIDS Watch was designed with security in mind and to be COPPA (Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act) compliant. The Watch has been awarded a KidSAFE-CERTIFIED Seal. Please go to to learn more about the certification.

  • The device is available at T-Mobile retail locations, and through our team of Experts. This device is also available through Sprint

  • SyncUP KIDS Watch is available to T-Mobile customers with at least one active voice line. The SyncUP KIDS Watch app can be downloaded on any compatible smartphone and network; however, the SyncUP KIDS Watch uses an embedded SIM card and will only work on T-Mobile’s network. This is not currently available to Metro by T-Mobile customers.

  • New or existing customers who purchase a SyncUP KIDS Watch on our monthly payment plan during the promotional period AND activate a new, qualifying line of service will get the device on Us via 24 monthly bill credits. Customers must have at least one active voice line on their account to purchase a SyncUP KIDS Watch

  • SyncUP KIDS Watch is available to T-Mobile customers with at least one active voice line. The SyncUP KIDS Watch app can be downloaded on any compatible smartphone and network; however, the SyncUP KIDS Watch uses an embedded SIM card and will only work on T-Mobile’s network. This is not currently available to Metro by T-Mobile customers.

  • Kids between the ages of 5 and 11 and those in the pre-smartphone phase. The SyncUP Kids Watch provides kids and parents with many of the safety benefits of a smartphone without the digital safety risks and concerns that are associated with providing a smartphone to a child who may not be ready.

  • There is no limit to the number of approved contacts that can be added through the SyncUP KIDS app. The following are the types of contacts that can be added.

    • Admin: The Admin is the user that created the watch account and successfully paired it with the SyncUP KIDS Application. Upon successful onboarding, this contact will be a contact on the watch.
    • Guardian: A guardian is a user invited by the admin to monitor and manage the child's watch via the SyncUP KIDS app. Guardians cannot invite additional parents or guardians to monitor the SyncUP KIDS Watch.
    • Friend: A Friend is a user invited by the admin to communicate with the child's watch. Friends do not need an app to communicate with the child’s watch.
  • Yes, the SyncUP KIDS Watch app is required to locate your SyncUP KIDS Watch. The app is free and available in the App Store as well as Google Play. Ensure that your mobile device is up to date with the latest operating system and meets the minimum technical requirements.

  • Reach out to T-Mobile General Customer Care & Technical Support. Customer Care Representatives are available every day, 24 hrs/day and 7 days/week to assist you. From your phone Dial 611 or 1-800-937-8997.

  • Yes. SyncUP KIDS Watch carries a one-year warranty against manufacturer defect or breakdown.

  • Yes, Video Calling between the SyncUP KIDS Watch and the app is easy and fun to stay connected with your kids! To get started, ensure you are on the latest software and Firmware on the SyncUP KIDS app and Watch.

  • Video Calling is included with your SyncUP KIDS Watch plan and does not cost extra.

  • Video calling is only available to approved contacts designated as the Admin or Guardian contact. Video Calling is not currently available to the Friend contact type. Guardians not designated as Emergency Contacts will be unable to Video Call with the Watch while School Mode is enabled.

  • Most calls can last from 5-6 minutes, as long as the watch has over 10% battery life, a strong 4G LTE connection, and the watch should not be overheating. If multiple video calls are completed back-to-back, the video calls will get shorter and shorter to preserve watch performance. The app will display a warning banner about 1 minute before the video call is disconnected. The Watch will auto-decline incoming video calls if the battery temperature is higher than normal, the battery is below 10%, or a signal on the watch is weak.

  • Video Calling is an in-app feature, and you must have a valid T-Mobile ID, recently logged into the app, and have the latest SyncUP KIDS app software. You must also be an Admin or a Guardian contact for the Watch. Once the latest SyncUP KIDS app software has been downloaded, the app will request access to smartphones, Microphone, and Camera permissions. The watch must also have a stable 4G LTE connection (2 bar minimum) and over 10% battery life.

    KIDS watch:

    • Firmware version 1.4.4 or newer.
    • At least 10% battery life.
    • At least two bars of 4G LTE coverage.
    • Camera permissions enabled.
    • Not turned off, in Airplane mode, or offline.
    • Should not be overheating.

    SyncUP KIDS App:

    • App version 1.4.0 or newer.
    • Admin or Guardian to the watch. 
    • Camera and Microphone permissions enabled.
    • Be an Emergency Contact if School Mode is enabled.