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Our internet is designed to be easy to set up and effortless to maintain. Find setup instructions, helpful videos and troubleshooting guides below.

Set up your T-Mobile Internet

Get set up in just 15 minutes. You'll be ready to connect with these simple steps.

1. Get the T Life app

Using the T Life app is the easiest way to set up your service. It can also help find the best location for your gateway, monitor Wi-Fi connectivity, manage when your family’s online, see who’s connected to your network, and more. If you don't want to use the app, you can still connect to your network using the default name and password on the gateway label and skip to the next step.

The T Life app also provides access to other T-Mobile perks such as T-Mobile Tuesdays, and innovations like the ability to manage your gateway anytime, anywhere.

2. Set up your gateway & network

A modem and router in one - T-Mobile gateways make connecting easy.

Our 5G gateways offer standard Wi-Fi, multiple home networks (SSID), and connection to T-Mobile's massive 5G network.

T-Mobile offers a variety of state of the art gateways with the same key features. You will receive the first available based on inventory levels when you sign up.

Each time you move your gateway you should use the gateway placement assistant in the app to find the best location for your gateway.

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Quick tip! You can use the network name and password from your previous internet service to quickly connect to your new network. 

Get to know your gateway

Use the links below to find technical details and specifications or check out our tutorials for help setting up and using your gateway.

5G Gateway (G4AR & G4SE)

The front of the T-Mobile 5G Gateway with the LCD screen displaying signal

Sagemcom Fast 5688W

Front view of the Sagemcom Fast 5688W gateway

3. Connect your devices

Connect your device and equipment using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Use the link below to get tutorials and instructions for connecting devices and third-party equipment.

4. Create your T-Mobile ID and account

New to T-Mobile? Get your T-Mobile ID to finish setting up your account and learn more about your T-Mobile account and billing.

Already have a T-Mobile ID? Use your existing T-Mobile ID to access and manage your T-Mobile account.

5. Get acquainted with your bill

Learn how to access your bill, what to expect, and how to manage your account and benefits with your T-Mobile ID.


Need help with your T-Mobile Internet or gateway? Our Troubleshooting guides can help fix the most common T-Mobile Internet issues.

Still need help?

Find out what people are talking about in our TV & Home Internet forum in the T-Mobile Community or check out our FAQs for the most common questions about T-Mobile Internet.

If you still have questions or need help, our T-Mobile Internet support team is here for you.

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