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We're here to help! Check out the steps below to troubleshoot issues that may impact your T-Mobile Internet experience.

Setup Help

Gateway / Network setup

Get help setting up your new or replacement gateway and updating your network name (SSID) and password.

Connecting to T-Mobile Internet

Get help connecting your mobile devices, third-party equipment, and services.

T-Mobile ID / T-Mobile account

Get help setting up T-Mobile ID, understanding your bill, and managing your account with the T-Mobile app.

Troubleshooting T-Mobile Internet Issues

First, check that:

  • 1. Your gateway has signal

    If you don't have signal or if your signal is low, use the T Life app to help find the best placement for your gateway. 

  • 2. Your connecting device has Wi-Fi signal

    Wi-Fi signal, which ranges depending on interference and obstructions, travels approximately 30 feet. If possible, set up your gateway in a central location. If you're having trouble getting signal throughout your home, you may benefit from a Wi-Fi extender.

  • 3. The issue isn't app or device-specific

    If you're having trouble with a specific app, browser, or device, it may be related to your settings or an issue with the app or browser itself. 

Next, select the issue you are experiencing:

App help

T Life app issues

Get help if you are experiencing issues with the T Life app.

TV / Video streaming issues

Get help if you are having trouble watching videos or streaming TV while connected to T-Mobile Internet.

Specific page / app issues

Get help if you can connect to T-Mobile Internet, but a specific page or app is not working.

Gateway help

Gateway won't turn on

Get help if your gateway is plugged in but won't power on.

Can't see Wi-Fi network / SSID

Get help if you can't see your Wi-Fi network SSID when you scan for Wi-Fi networks.

Replacement gateway setup

Get help if you recently replaced your gateway and need help setting it up.

Network help

Can't connect to Wi-Fi

Get help if you can see your network when you scan for Wi-Fi, but can't connect.

Losing / Dropping Wi-Fi signal

Get help if you can connect to your network, but you keep losing or dropping signal while connected.

Slow internet

Get help if you can connect to your network, but your internet is slow.

Still have questions?

Find out what people are talking about in our TV & Home Internet forum in the T-Mobile Community, or check out our FAQs for the most common questions about T-Mobile Internet.

If you still have questions or need help, our Internet support team is here for you.

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