AWAY™ is coming soon. Stay tuned!

​​Introducing AWAY™

A Wi-Fi solution for life on the go.

AWAY™ is our beyond-the-home internet plan that gives you the freedom to stream, work, and play where the call of adventure leads you—all on the 5G network that covers the most highway miles coast to coast.

Our AWAY™ plan features:

​​Simple setup in 15 minutes or less.​


The ability for passengers to stay connected in motion.


The capability to connect up to 64 devices at a time.


Pause up to 90 days, twice a year, for $10 a month.


Our 5G Wi-Fi Gateway is included at no additional cost, and there are zero monthly equipment fees.

With Price Lock, your monthly rate is locked in. Get your last month of service on us if we ever raise your internet rate.

AWAY™ – 200GB Plan

$110/month with AutoPay

AWAY™ – Unlimited Plan

$160/month with AutoPay

​​How AWAY™ compares to the rest.​

  AWAY™ Starlink Mobile
- Regional
Verizon Mobile
Premium Hotspot
AT&T DataConnect
Unlimited data
Speed cap after 150GB
Gateway/device included
+$599 purchase
>50 device connections capable
Stay connected
in motion

Up to 10 mph
Taxes & fees included
Coverage Nationwide T-Mobile 5G/4G Nationwide Starlink satellite coverage in the U.S. - land only Nationwide Verizon 5G/4G Nationwide AT&T 5G/4G
Monthly standalone price $160
With Autopay
Requires automatic payment
With Autopay

Got questions?

  • Eligibility is determined by the service address. Address eligibility is based off network capacity, which is expanding all the time, but can also change as more customers join T-Mobile. New and existing T-Mobile customers can check availability here.

    • Home Internet and Home Internet Plus must have a service address that is eligible for unlimited service. These plans are eligible for use at only the approved address.
    • Home Internet Lite must have a service address eligible for Lite plans. Home Internet Lite plans activated starting May 9, 2024 may only be used at the approved address.
    • Away must have an eligible physical service address to get started. Once activated, Away plans may be used anywhere on the T-Mobile network but should not be used primarily in a single location.
    • Away is beyond-the-home Wi-Fi designed to give you powerful and flexible internet that can be used on the go, anywhere on T-Mobile’s network. It’s perfect for long-term RVers, seasonal travelers, digital nomads, and other frequent travelers. Our 5G Wi-Fi Gateway is included at no additional cost, and unlimited data is available so you get the freedom and flexibility of Wi-Fi on the go without equipment charges. Setup is easy with self-installation, so you can go from box to browsing in 15 minutes or less.
  • Once you use your monthly allotment of data, you will experience reduced speeds (128kbps) for the remainder of your billing cycle. You can add more data at any time via the myTMO app, online at, or calling customer Care (1-800-937-8997).

  • No, monthly data cannot be carried over.

  • Away internet can be used anywhere on T-Mobile’s network, so speeds can vary depending on your location.

    • Check availability for 5G Home Internet or 5G Home Internet Plus at your address at and choose the best plan for you to sign up.