What is the 15-Day T-Mobile Internet Test Drive?

The 15-Day Internet Test Drive allows new and existing T-Mobile customers activating internet on a qualifying plan to receive their money back via a one-time bill credit if they choose to schedule cancellation of service within the first 15 days of activation.

Any customer who activates T-Mobile Home Internet or Small Business Internet on a qualifying plan will qualify. Limited to one per account.

When does my 15-Day T-Mobile Internet Test Drive start?

Your T-Mobile Wi-Fi Test Drive starts regardless of when you set up your gateway. Make sure you unbox, set up, and connect to your gateway as soon as you get it so you can take advantage of the full Test Drive window.

I signed up in a Retail store

Your Test Drive starts once we activate your account and you take home your device.

I signed up online or by phone

Your Test Drive starts the day you receive a notification that your 5G gateway has shipped.

Cancelling Service

If you decide to cancel your T-Mobile Internet service, contact us.

A one-time bill credit will be applied to your account to zero out any T-Mobile Internet service charges on your bill. If there is a credit balance on the account because a payment was made before the one-time bill credit was applied, the credit balance will be proactively paid out after 30 days via a Prepaid MasterCard from North Lane to the billing address on file.

You will need to return your equipment within 45 days of cancelation or you will be charged a non-return fee of up to $370. Non-return fees are handled in the same way they would without Test Drive and are not eligible for a money back adjustment.

Learn more about your Home Internet billing and charges.

Return your gateway and mesh access point to a T-Mobile store

You can return your device(s) to a store only if you haven't started a return order yet. If you began a return with Customer Care, then you must complete your return through the mail.

Home Internet Plus customers: Your mesh access point must be returned in store even if you started your return with Customer Care.

Use the Store Locator to find a T-Mobile store near you.

Return your gateway by mail

To begin the return process, contact us. If you're a T-Mobile for Business customer, request a call​ instead.

We'll send you a prepaid return label to ship your device back. Labels usually arrive in your email within 24 hours. If you don't see it, check your junk or spam folder. 

Print the label and attach it to your shipping box. Pack up the device and drop it in the mail or take it to a UPS store.

*Home Internet Plus customers: Your mesh access point must be returned in store even if you started your return with Customer Care.

Cancel within 15 days of Home Internet service activation. Limited-time offer; subject to change. Qualifying new Home Internet line and timely gateway return required. Refund via one-time bill credit. Max 1/account. May not be combinable with some offers or discounts.

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