T-Mobile Internet Lite

Check out the details below for help with your T-Mobile Internet Lite plan.

What is T-Mobile Internet Lite?

For homes that aren't yet eligible for our unlimited T-Mobile 5G Home Internet service, we offer data bucketed plans starting at 100GB that can be used on the T-Mobile 4G LTE or 5G networks without being tied to a specific location. Customers can also choose from higher data buckets: 150 GB, 200 GB, or 300 GB

Once you use the monthly data allotment, you will experience reduced speeds. Unused monthly data cannot be carried forward.

When you are eligible for an unlimited T-Mobile 5G Home Internet plan, you can change your plan at no extra cost. Check availability and sign up for the waitlist to be notified once your address is eligible. Not available in Puerto Rico..

Set up your account, network, and gateway

The setup process for your network and gateway is the same for all T-Mobile Internet customers. Select the link below for help with your T-Mobile ID and account, network configuration, and gateway settings and placement.

Check your data usage

Your monthly data allotment replenishes on the bill cycle close date.

You will receive a notification to your gateway (and email, if an email address is on file) at 80%95%, and 100% of data usage. 

To view your data usage...

  1. Log into your T-Mobile account. Don't have a T-Mobile account? Learn more and set up your T-Mobile ID.
  2. Select view by line
  3. Select your Home Internet line number.
    • T-Mobile Life app: On the Overview tab, view the line number under Internet line number.
    • T-Mobile app: Select Account. Your internet line will display an image of your gateway.
  4. Select Check Usage.

Need more data?

Change your Internet Lite plan

Upgrade to an Internet Lite plan with a higher data allotment at any time. 

To view plan options and/or change your plan...

  1. Log in to the T-Mobile app using your T-Mobile ID.
  2.  Select Account on the bottom navigation bar. 
  3. Select Manage my plan
  4. In the 'Manage my plan' screen, you can compare your current plan with other available plans. To change your plan, choose Select plan under the desired plan to continue. 
  5. Review the changes and new monthly total, then select Agree and submit
  6. If you upgrade your plan after using your previous data allotment, it may take between 10 minutes and 2 hours to access new data. 

Add a data pass

If you have a 300GB plan, you can purchase a 10 GB Lite Data Pass ($10 per line) or 25 GB Lite Data Pass ($20 per line).      

To purchase a pass on your Internet Lite plan, contact us at 1-800-866-2453 for assistance.


Get notified when unlimited T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is available

To check availability and get notified when T-Mobile 5G Home Internet with unlimited data is available at your location, sign up for the waitlist.

During congestion, T-Mobile Internet Lite customers may notice speeds lower than other customers due to data prioritization. Not available in all areas. $35 device connection charge due at sale. After data allotment, speeds up to 128Kbps. Plus taxes & fees for accounts currently paying for a T-Mobile wireless line with additional taxes & fees: Monthly Regulatory Programs (RPF) & Telco Recovery Fee (TRF) totaling $1.40 per data only line ($0.12 for RPF & $1.28 for TRF) apply; taxes/fees approx. 3-12% of bill. Credit approval required. For use at multiple locations on T-Mobile network; no off-net roaming. If canceling service, return gateway or pay up to $370. Video streaming resolution depends on available speeds. For best performance, leave video streaming applications at their default resolution setting. Not compatible with some live TV streaming services. AutoPay Pricing for lines 1-8 on account. Without Autopay, $5 more/line/mo; debit or bank acct req’d. May not be reflected on 1st bill. Network Management: Service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted for misuse, abnormal use, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users. See T-Mobile.com/OpenInternet for details. See Terms and Conditions (including arbitration provision) at www.T-Mobile.com for additional information.

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