Set up your T-Mobile gateway & network

Get help finding the best place for your gateway, updating your network name and password, setting up replacement gateways, and more! 

Set up your T-Mobile gateway

Place your gateway close to a window or high up on an upper floor or bookshelf.

Use the T-Mobile Internet app to get help finding the ideal location for your device, check signal strength, monitor connected devices, update your network name/password, and more!

An image of a Nokia 5G21 gateway sitting on a bookshelf

Need help finding the best place for your gateway?

Use the interactive gateway placement assistant in the T-Mobile Internet app to find the best location for your gateway.

For more gateway placement guides, visit our tutorials for steps on using the gateway placement assistant or check out our YouTube videos for help with gateway placement.

  • Finding The Best Place For Your T-Mobile Gateway
  • Arlen: Fine-Tune Your Gateway's Performance

How can I improve my network speed?

Your network speeds can vary based on several factors. Learn more about what impacts your network speed and how you can improve your signal. 

Update your network name and password

You can update your network name and password to improve your security and make it even easier to connect. 

Quick tip! You can reuse the network name and password from your previous internet service to quickly connect your devices to your new network. 

  1. Open the T-Mobile Internet app and select Setup to complete the setup steps. If you've already completed setup, skip to Step 2. 

  2. Open the T-Mobile Internet app and select Network. Choose the network name that appears on the bottom of your gateway. 

  3. Enter the your personalized network name and password, then select Save

There's so much more you can do in the T-Mobile Internet app!

Set up a replacement gateway

If you recently replaced your gateway, move your previous SIM card into your new gateway to activate it. Your SIM card is already active, and your service and settings will move to the new device alongside your SIM. 

Check out the tutorials below for help with inserting your SIM into your new gateway.

Arcadyan KVD21: Insert/remove SIM >

Nokia 5G21: Insert/remove SIM >

Sagemcom: Insert/remove SIM >

5G Gateway G4AR & G4SE: Insert/remove SIM >

Looking for more gateway how-tos?

Choose your gateway below to learn more about your device or see tutorials. 

5G Gateway (G4AR & G4SE)

The front of the T-Mobile 5G Gateway with the LCD screen displaying signal

Sagemcom Fast 5688W

Front view of the Sagemcom Fast 5688W gateway

Since our gateways offer the same key features and experience, you'll receive the first device available based on inventory levels when you sign up.

Connect to T-Mobile Internet

After your gateway is set up and you've found the best placement in your home, go to your Wi-Fi settings on the device you want to connect and scan for available networks. Select your T-Mobile network name and enter your password to get connected.

Looking for more information on connecting third-party equipment and services? 

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