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Learn about software updates for T-Mobile Home Internet.


T-Mobile Internet app

Use the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to update the T-Mobile Internet app to the latest version.


Gateway Firmware

  • Firmware updates are pushed out automatically when available. They can't be manually requested.
  • They're sent out in phases over a few weeks, so not all users get the update at the same time.
  • Updates happen between 1 am and 3 am PST; make sure your gateway is turned on during this time to get the update.
  • Do not restart the gateway when it’s updating. The gateway will automatically restart once the update is complete.

Check firmware version

  1. From the T-Mobile Internet App, select MORE > Gateway information.
  2. Review the Firmware version.
Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway


Sagemcom Fast 5688W Gateway software versions and their features/fixes.
Firmware version Fixes & Features

Release version

Nokia 5G21 Gateway

Nokia 5G21 Gateway software versions and their features/fixes.
Firmware version Fixes & Features
  • New LCD notification for RF failure alert on Main Display
  • Internet connectivity stability improvements
  • Fix for SIM status display when not logged in to Web GUI
  • Ability to configure hidden or visible SSID broadcasting using the Internet App.
  • Stability improvement for gateway setup using the Internet App
1.2104.00.0286 Security and stability improvements
  • Security and stability improvements
  • Deep factory reset can be triggered by pressing the reset button for more than 30 seconds
  • Improves known issues: Cisco AnyConnect VPN; GlobalProtect VPN connection issues; Degraded experience
  • Includes all fixes from previous versions
  • Resolves VPN tunnel protocols IKEv2/L2TP/IPSec
  • Xbox Party Chat
  • Linelink connection issues
  • Wi-Fi Calling and UPNP
1.2003.03.0143 / 1.2003.03.0168

Release version

Arcadyan KVD21 Gateway

Arcadyan KVD21 Gateway software versions and their features/fixes.
Firmware version Fixes & Features
1.00.16 Security and stability improvements
1.00.14 Release version
Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway

Askey LTE Wi-Fi Gateway software versions and their features/fixes.
Firmware version Fixes & Features
14443 Battery disabled
  • Stability Improvements to Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • IPv6 Connectivity fix on Wi-Fi 5GHz
  • Firestick Cube – Disney Plus and HBO fix
  • Factory Reset GUI Notification Improvement
  • GUI Roaming Status fix
  • Askey TM-RTL0102 is not able to connect to Chromebooks and results in all loss of connectivity to LTE and the LTE LED flashing red to green repetitively
  • SSID passwords with special characters fail to connect when connecting from devices
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz SSID inverted
  • Header text not translated while switched to Spanish
  • Unique admin password
  • The unique password modifies the admin password on new devices only.
  • LTE only site - could not register
  • Changing to the Spanish language in the GUI does not save once the user closes the browser
  • Occasional loss of access to the GUI when 20 devices are connected to the DUT
  • User cannot change both the start and the end values of the IP Address Pool at the same time
  • Cannot tell how many IP addresses are available to be assigned out
  • Changing the DUT's IP Address, Subnet Mask and IP Address Pool causes the DUT to lose LTE internet connection
  • Channel Settings and Bandwidth Settings cannot be changed on the 5 GHz channel through the GUI
  • [TR069] Periodic Inform
  • [TR069] Bugfix for Device does not talk to ACS
  • Enable ULCA
  • CA capability following TMO request in HLFS
  • Deny Femtocell for LTE router
  • DNSmasq config update
  • Qualcomm Wi-Fi 5G driver update
  • Hide Roaming function from UI and controlled through TR069
  • QR code shown cleartext administrator username and password
  • Enhance the protection of system configuration file
  • XSS protection to be stopping JavaScript & Html
  • IPv4/IPv6 issue between FireTV and TM-RTL0102
  • Time - Daylight saving incorrect
  • Any IPv6 device connected to the LAN is reachable from the WAN
  • [TR069] Client Crash/Boot Loop Issue
  • [TR069] Router Not Reporting CellTower
  • Any IPv6 device connected to the LAN is reachable from the WAN
  • Auth token removed from the URL
  • IMEI SV increment for every SW change (IMEI SV change to 01)
  • TMO GUI Style
  • Add Wi-Fi Parameters to the Reporting
  • Remove "engineer" and "viewer" accounts from the device.
  • Enhancement for 310240 SIM missing EHPLMN
  • Enhancement of Default APN for TMO commercial SIM
  • LTE Signal strength does not match speeds obtained through DUT
  • Access Control performance issues

Release version

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