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Use Account Hub to create a one-way sync of line identifiers/phone descriptions with systematically integrated with Globys’ I-Billing.

How it works

  • The Line ID integrates across all the pages on Account Hub.
  • Account Hub enables users to update active, suspended and reserved lines only. It carries line ID information to the new phone number/account, such as account-to-account line moves and phone number changes.
  • If you recently signed up for I-Billing and are still in the two-billing cycle waiting period, your Account Hub I-Billing access are disabled until their account is active in I-Billing.
  • If you have login credentials for Account Hub, you can change Line Identifiers.  If someone needs to be added, follow Add a user.
  • All existing Line IDs in I-Billing auto-load into Account Hub. Changes made in Account Hub automatically reflect in I-Billing.
  • You no longer need to log in to I-Billing to complete line identifier updates.
  • Once you successfully log in to Account Hub, the Phone Description edit button in I-Billing is disabled.
  • Canceled lines retain the last associated Line ID and are no longer editable. If the line is reactivated, the Line ID will become available.
  • If you do not have Account Hub, you will not experience any I-Billing changes.

Add a user

Follow these steps to add users in I-Billing via Account Hub.

  1. Log in to Account Hub
  2. Click Global Settings.
  3. From the tabs at the top, select Roles & Permissions.
  4. If a desired role does not exist for the user you wish to add, select Create a new role.
  5. Once you have added the new role, select Add new user.
  6. Enter the user's first name, last name, email address and select desired role.
  7. Click Add user to submit the request.
  8. Advise user to look for an email invitation in the Manage users page.

Manage line identifiers

Follow these steps to manage line identifiers in Account Hub.

  1. Log in to Account Hub
  2. Click Manage Accounts > Manage Lines.
    • If the account has an I-Billing SOC, a Line Identifiers icon displays next to download and customize.
    • If there is no I-Billing icon, the account does not have I-Billing and must be added in Samson.
  3. A list of each phone number that has a line identifier displays. To manage that identifier, click the three dots under the Action column or click the three dots next to the account number and select Bulk actions.
  4. Select Update line identifiers. Here you can update the line identifier information such as department, cost center, etc.

Current I-Billing access

Follow these steps to identify those in your organization who can update line identifiers.

  1. Log in to I-Billing. 
  2. Select Set Up.
  3. In the User Profile section, select Manage Users. A list of all users displays.
  4. Select a user to view their permissions.
  5. To edit a user's permissions, select Edit User.

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