Account Hub is an online self-service portal and account management tool for business customers. Use these steps to register and set up Account Hub.



Register for Account Hub

  • If you're the Business owner of the company participating in the trial, you'll receive a registration email.
  • Click Register now in the email to sign up for a T-Mobile ID and establish your password and security questions.
  • If you already have a T-Mobile ID, the registration email provides a link to Account Hub with the advisement to log in with your T-Mobile ID.


Reset a password

  1. Click Forgot password? on the Account Hub login page.
  2. Choose a verification method (Email or Security questions).
    • For Email, you'll receive an email and must follow the directions in the email to change the password.
    • For Security questions, you must provide the correct answers and click NEXT to enter a new password


Resend invitation to register

If a Telecom Manager didn't receive an invitation to register, the Business Owner can resend the invitation.


  1. Log into Account Hub.
  2. Go to Manage Accounts.
  3. From the Manage Users tab, click on the three dots for the desired Telecom Manager and select Resend invite. This sends the Telecom Manager an email to register.
    • The Business Owner can also click on the user to view their profile and click Resend invite from there.
    • If the Business Owner entered the wrong email or wants to resend the invitation to a different email for the Telecom Manager, they can edit the email and then click Resend invite.
    • If the invitation is successfully resent, a confirmation appears for the Business Owner. If not, an "Invitation email could not be sent" error message displays.


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