New Magenta.

More Un-carrier, more 5G, and most of all, more magenta.

Since Sprint became a part of T-Mobile two years ago, T-Mobile has cemented itself as the leader in 5G with the largest and fastest 5G network. We’re still the same Un-carrier we’ve always been, but as we look to the future, we’re refreshing our brand with an entirely new color.

a man painting a statue

Magenta, reimagined.

Born at the intersection of art and science, New Magenta isn’t something that happened overnight. It’s the result of thousands of hours of research and development by the top artists and color scientists on the planet. Take a look behind the scenes and see how this new color was brought into the world.

A woman stands next to a large poster showcasing “New Magenta”

A meticulous attention to detail.

To achieve New Magenta, we dug deep into the very essence of luminance itself—a brand new formulation of magenta so functional, so expressive, that it stands to redefine not just the next generation of wireless, but color as we know it.

Portrait photo of Mike Katz, the Chief Marketing Officer at T-Mobile

New Magenta is a vision, a feeling, an emotion… I hesitated to bring this color into the world. But New Magenta is too magnificent not to be shared.


Two T-Mobile ‘T’ logos, side-by-side, in seemingly the same shade of magenta.

New Magenta is so bold, it represents a dramatic reimagining of the Un-carrier as we know it. Isn’t it brilliant?

A woman gazes off into the distance

New Magenta, new threads.

Wear the color fit for the leader in 5G. Tees and hooded sweatshirts are available in black and white (while supplies last).

Image of the United States, colored mostly in magenta.

More Magenta. More Magenta 5G bars.

T-Mobile is the leader in 5G with the largest and fastest network. Get more 5G bars in more places, and now an even more magenta magenta. Find out more about the network behind New Magenta.