AutoPay makes paying your T-Mobile bill a snap. This free service automatically deducts payments from your credit card or checking account to pay your T-Mobile bill.

You may also get monthly bill credits for up to eight lines on a qualifying Postpaid Magenta or T-Mobile ONE Taxes included plan when AutoPay is active for your entire billing cycle.

Looking for prepaid info? Check out Refill your prepaid account.

About AutoPay

  • AutoPay isn't available for No Credit Check plans, such as the no credit check option available with T-Mobile ONE™ and Simple Choice™.
  • Payments are withdrawn approximately two to three days before your bill due date.
  • First time setup has no time limit for payment processing. For example, a bill due the day after AutoPay is set up could process.
  • You'll be notified by text message if AutoPay is rejected or you have an unprocessed payment.
  • Unprocessed payments will automatically be reprocessed in five banking days.
  • Setting up a payment arrangement automatically cancels AutoPay and any monthly AutoPay bill credits.
  • Once your payment arrangement is fulfilled, you can set up AutoPay again.
  • Cards with statements mailed to foreign addresses can’t be used for AutoPay.
  • Canceling your account doesn't automatically cancel AutoPay, you must cancel AutoPay separately.
  • To be eligible each month, you must meet the following requirements:
    • Be on Magenta, T-Mobile Essentials, T-Mobile ONE, or another tax inclusive plan (such as LineLink and Mobile Internet for hotspots).
    • Be active on AutoPay at the time of bill processing.
    • Have paid the prior month's bill by its due date.

AutoPay Terms and Conditions

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