Two firefighters smiling at the camera

Thanking first responders
for their service.

State & local first responders get our best discount on our Magenta unlimited plan—50% off family lines. Plus, 5G access is included at no additional cost.

Magenta® First Responder plans

Exclusive to state & local first responders for their personal service, with 50% off our regular Magenta plan rates for family lines. And 5G access is included in every plan.

A police officer smiling at the camera
Police officer smiling

FREE smartphones
for new lines.

Get a free smartphone via 24 monthly bill credits when you activate a new line.

iPhone SE 5G

Love the power. Love the price.
iPhone SE. Only $30.

The most affordable iPhone now with 5G. On the network with more 5G bars in more places. With 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in a qualifying device.

Verify your first responder status once a year with our easy steps below

If you've already joined, visit our first responder verification page at to confirm your status within 45 days. You may be required to submit documentation showing your first responder affiliation. We'll also ask you to re-verify your status once a year.

A man and woman EMT smiling and looking at a phone

Free unlimited service for first responder agencies.

T-Mobile is providing unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data to state and local public and non-profit law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies.

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We'll help you join.

Our experts will walk you through getting out of your contract. Plus, you can keep your current number and phone.

Get unlimited data on your devices.

Add an extra line to stay connected from your tablet or wearable device.


Unlimited high-speed data,
texting, and 3G tethering.


Unlimited talk, text, and data
at up to 512 Kbps.