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5G is the fifth generation of wireless network technology, designed to meet today’s growing data demands while expanding the scope of mobile technology beyond the capabilities of LTE. With 5G networks, large amounts of data can be transmitted much more efficiently than with 4G LTE, and that means faster speeds, less lag, and the ability to handle many more connections without buffering. Over time, these improvements will unlock amazing innovations and transform the way we live, work, and play.

See how our 5G coverage compares to Verizon and AT&T on our 5G coverage comparison map.

5G Extended Range is our low-band 5G network. It makes up the foundation of our nationwide 5G and brings 5G service to big cities, rural towns, and unexpected places in between. Our 5G Extended Range can deliver average download speeds 3x as fast as our LTE.

We’re continually deploying Ultra Capacity 5G in more places and have it deployed nationwide to over 200 million Americans.

Yes—5G is faster than 4G LTE, but actual speeds may vary depending on your device and network conditions. On average, our 5G can deliver speeds up to 3x as fast as our 4G LTE.

5G Ultra Capacity includes our mid-band and/or mmWave 5G. It can give you a perfect balance of far-reaching coverage and super-fast speeds.

Every 5G device we carry today can tap into our 5G Extended Range and 5G Ultra Capacity.

Under the new Broadband DATA (Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability) Act, all providers of fixed broadband or mobile services, including T-Mobile, provide the FCC with specific information about where our services are available. The information submitted to the FCC provides detail on our coverage, specifically where customers may experience certain tiers of speed; it will be refreshed every six months.


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