T-Mobile has options for everyone. Switch and get more for less on America’s Largest 5G Network.

More phone.
Less down payment.

Get one of your favorite phones, now with a lower down payment.

A Google Pixel 8, Samsung Galaxy A15 5G, and Motorola Razr phone.

FREE select smartphones. $0 down for all.

No down payment. Yours FREE when you add a new line.

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Buy a new phone with little to zero down

Get started your way.

Get it done online.

Reach us by phone.

Visit a store.

Here's how it works when your lease is up. 

Upgrade to a new device

Bring your leased device to a T-Mobile store and swap it out, up to once a month.

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Pay it off in 9 payments.

You can elect to pay it off over 9 months following the end of your lease.

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Purchase your device.

After your lease ends, a charge will appear on your bill for the remaining purchase-option price of your device, plus taxes.

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Turn in your device.

Once you’ve made all your payments, you can visit a T-Mobile store and turn in the leased device, provided it is still in good condition.

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Take advantage of limited time, top deals on popular devices.

Get one FREE.

For a limited time, new and existing customers can get a FREE motorola razr+ in Pantone® Color of the Year 2023 Viva Magenta—exclusively at T-Mobile. Via 24 monthly bill credits when you add a line or trade in an eligible device on a Go5G Next or Go5G Plus plan.

Two magenta smartphones are floating against a white background.

Get one FREE.

Via 24 monthly bill credits when you add an eligible line or trade in an eligible device.


New customers are eligible to get free phones when switching carriers

Ready for a new free phone ON US? Having a top-notch smartphone isn't just a bonus—it's essential, especially when you are switching carriers. Throughout the year, T-Mobile rolls out different ways you can get free or discounted cell phones from leading brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google. Whether you’re shopping for a family plan, 2-line phone plans, or just for yourself, you can find our device lineup is always packed with choices.

You can save big or score a brand-new smartphone for free when you switch.

Free phones

Check out the latest free cell phone deals any time online. Throughout the year T-Mobile rolls out many deals that allow new and existing customers to get free or heavily discounted cell phones.

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Certified Pre-Owned Phones

If the new devices aren't your preference, then our used phones will hit the mark. Our certified pre-owned smartphones pass tough checks to ensure top quality. And with the right deal, you could get one for free.

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Keep & Switch

Got a device you love? Bring it over! When you keep and switch T-Mobile, you might just land some sweet savings.

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Trade & Upgrade

Old phone collecting dust? Trade in your phone and swap it out! Depending on its make and shape, you could enjoy hefty discounts or even possibly snag a free phone with one of our in market offers.

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Take the next step. 

Find the perfect plan.

Discover the largest nationwide 5G network.