You’ll love our network. Try it on your phone before switching.

Learn how to set up your Test Drive hotspot device for a 30-day or 30GB free trial of T-Mobile’s network.

See how to set up your Test Drive.

Our most powerful signal reaches farther than ever before. With our improved network, we’ve added thousands of new towers and a million square miles of expanded LTE coverage.


We provide the Test Drive device to pair with your phone, so you can try us out using your own number and all your apps.


See what it’s like on our upgraded network, before switching. It’s free—no strings attached.

30 days

Experience data, text, and Wi-Fi calling in your home or on the go when you test drive our network for 30 days or 30GB.

Start your free trial now.

We’ll send you a Test Drive® device to try our network.


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