Secure Internet Go with T-SIMsecure.

Cybercriminals and malicious websites are everywhere. Simply browsing the internet risks a security breach. Strengthen the cybersecurity of your small business with Secure Internet Go with T-SIMsecure, which provides automatic protection, advanced content filtering, and more for T-Mobile users and devices.

Automatic protection from online risks.

Secure Internet Go is ideal for small businesses with 5 to 24 users. It works for T-Mobile smartphones and tablets when on the T-Mobile network.

For larger organizations, we offer online protection through T-Mobile SASE with Secure Internet Access and T-SIMsecure.

Key benefits.

Easy to use.

Works automatically when on the T-Mobile network. Uses T-SIMsecure, SIM-based authentication. No additional app or passwords are required.


Guards against data breaches and cyberattacks by blocking access to malicious websites and blocking suspicious, unencrypted data traffic when on the
T-Mobile network.

Operational simplicity.

Eliminates management and IT-support burden with easy deployment and standard filter options that are dynamically updated against the latest threats and exploits.

Online risks for mobile users.

Internet security risks.

One wrong click is often enough for a cybercriminal to wreak havoc on an entire company.

  • Malicious sites: Opening a malicious URL in a phishing email can return malware.
  • Spoof sites: An employee inadvertently providing credentials or other sensitive information on a fake or unsecured website can enable an attacker.
A professional works on her computer while holding a smartphone.

Mobile risks.

Mobile users are especially vulnerable to cyberthreats.

  • Small screens: Users of mobile devices may have difficulty identifying dangerous sites.
  • On the go: Mobile users who are in a hurry may be less cautious when clicking on links.


A young professional uses his smartphone and laptop while working from home.

Key features.

  • T-SIMsecure authentication.

    Checks identity using the T-Mobile SIM and automatically applies the assigned restrictions and policies. Does not require special software.

  • Automatic on.

    Automatically protects when on the T-Mobile network.

  • Automatic threat updates.

    Continuously updates based on real-time threat intelligence to protect against the latest threats and exploits.

  • Automatic deployment.

    Deploys automatically to user’s device as an add-on to their T-Mobile plan. No new software or configuration is required, so there’s no need for additional IT involvement.

  • Advanced content filtering.

    Offers choice of industry-standard content filtering options that restrict access to malicious or inappropriate content, as well as entertainment sites such as gaming, streaming, etc. Select the one most appropriate for your teams. Blocks using both category and reputation scores for DNS, URL, and IP addresses.

  • Next-generation firewall.

    Inspects web traffic between the user and the internet to block or filter out unsafe content. Also blocks risky or unauthorized user behavior.

  • Advanced threat protection.

    Offers anti-ransomware, anti-malware, anti-virus, and intrusion detection and prevention.

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