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We have America's largest 5G network and millions of square miles of LTE coverage. And now, you can try it virtually everywhere you do business for 30 days.
Our 5G network is better for business.

We offer more 5G coverage than the other guys combined. We're so confident you'll agree, you can test drive it for free for 30 days. Getting started is easy.

Simple to set-up.

Select your business size below and we’ll get your trial started. We'll provide the SIM, device, or hotspot.

A truly risk-free trial.

Try our nationwide network—it’s free with no strings attached.

Try it for 30 days.

Whether working from home, in the field, or in the office, try our network, virtually wherever business take you.

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Have a small business with less than 12 lines?

Test Drive® our network.

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Have a larger business?

Try our network today.

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America's largest 5G network.

Our nationwide 5G network is better for business. It covers more businesses in more places than anyone else and our signal smashes through walls—solving connectivity issues.

Got questions?

What is the No-Risk Network Trial?

A way for you to try out our network free. Try us for 30 days, 30GB, or ask us about other options. See for yourself why our network is better for business – we’re that confident. We have a hassle-free, risk-free way for your business to experience our upgraded network before you switch.

Why are you offering a free trial?

We know wireless connectivity is important to your business and you want to test drive the coverage, speed and performance when selecting a service provider. T-Mobile is making it simple for you to try out our upgraded network free before you switch. Try us for 30 days, 30GB, or ask us about other options.

Who is eligible for No-Risk Network Trial?

Non-T-Mobile or non-Sprint customers that have not participated in a network trial within the last 6 months.

  • Current T-Mobile for Business, Sprint, Metro by T-Mobile or customers of T-Mobile partners using the T-Mobile network are not eligible.

Once you have participated in the No-Risk Network Trial, you are not eligible to participate again for 6 months.

I am currently a Sprint customer. Am I eligible for the No-Risk Network Trial?

Sprint customers are not eligible for the trial. If your business wants to test drive a new solution, contact your sales rep to find out more.

What’s the cost to me for the demo program? What’s the catch?

There’s no cost to you and no catch to try out our network for FREE – we are that confident! Try us for 30 days, 30GB, or ask us about other options. Simply return any loaned device(s) at the end of your trial with the prepaid label provided.

Can my business use our current wireless number for the demo program trial?

Yes, as long as you have a device that is compatible with our SIMs and the device is unlocked, you can use your own number. You can also connect your current device to our network through a hotspot.

Will the demo program work with any phone or device?

You will receive a demo device from T-Mobile that best meets your business needs. If you prefer, you can receive SIMs to use in your own compatible, unlocked device – at no charge.

Is there a limit to how many demo devices I can get?

There are limits to the number of devices, which depend on your business needs. A T-Mobile for Business rep can  help identify the best demo device and how many for you to have a successful trial.

Let’s talk.