Delivering connectivity to first responders when and where it matters most.

We've made a 10-year commitment to first responder agencies with Connecting Heroes, saving them up to $7.7 billion.

Leading Coverage

Connect your first responder agency with America’s largest and fastest 5G network.

A group of firefighters, police officers, sheriffs, and doctors.

Ready 24/7 with the 5G network you can rely on.

We keep first responders connected with FREE Unlimited service on our unmatched network, priority access and preemption, and support from our dedicated emergency response team.

Connecting Heroes.

FREE Unlimited service for first responder agencies.

It’s our pledge to provide FREE Unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data for U.S. state and local public law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies.

For state & local fire, police, and EMS agencies' first responder lines; eligibility verified. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p). Coverage not available in some areas and may be impacted by emergencies; check your response area. See full terms


Improve operational capability, productivity, and safety.

Our mobile-first innovations help equip public safety organizations with solutions that address the needs of first responders and citizens—all on a fast network and with your budget needs in mind.

Our tools and solutions include:

  • Network coverage

    The nation's largest 5G network.

  • Priority network access and preemption

    We provide priority access and preemption on our nationwide network for all agencies approved for Department of Homeland Security Wireless Priority Service (at no cost).

  • Push to talk

    Two-way communications on smartphones to function like portable radios.

  • Body worn video

    Utilize a smartphone as a body camera while retaining full mobile capability.

  • Reliable customer service

    Never miss a beat with constant support and troubleshooting.

  • Rugged in-vehicle routers

    Leverage the power of 5G to connect mobile computers, video, and more.

A picture of Sheriff Steve Cox in black and white next to a magenta Missouri map

Livingston County Sheriff’s Office improved operations and saved money.

Sheriff Steve Cox was able to upgrade department communications, provide body worn video, and improve overall capabilities and safety for his deputies. Connecting Heroes made it happen.

Magenta beams coming from a tower.

Partnerships to empower public safety.

See how our unmatched 5G network helps first responders deploy technology to fight wildfires, manage emergency scenes, and turn smartphones into all-in-one body cams.

An emergency medical responder uses her tablet at a disaster site.

Try our network for FREE.

See firsthand how T-Mobile for Government delivers fast speeds and coverage for your agency.

Non-T-Mobile customers only; 1 trial per user. Compatible device req'd. 5G device req'd to access 5G network. See full terms

Close up of a firefighter.

Priority network access and preemption, no additional charge.

We work closely with the Department of Homeland Security to register agencies for Wireless Priority Service (WPS). All WPS-registered agencies receive priority access and preemption on our nationwide network, and WPS ensures cross-carrier priority.

WPS eligibility must be confirmed by USDHS. WPS functionality (including priority access and preemption) may not be available while roaming; may default to 4G signal in areas with standalone-only 5G. Completion of calls not guaranteed.

A black police SUV parked on the side of a road surrounded by trees.

Transforming law enforcement with 5G.

See how T-Mobile for Government is helping law enforcement use 5G-powered smartphones to improve communication, streamline workflows, and simplify officer accountability.

A cell tower in a wooded area radiates magenta beams in all directions.

Fight fires faster with Pano AI.

Pano AI relies on America’s largest and fastest 5G network to help detect, confirm, and pinpoint fires quickly and accurately—helping save lives, habitat, and property when emergencies strike.

Downtown Bloomington and the Bloomington Illinois Police logo.

Bloomington, IL deals with the changing face of law enforcement.

Evolving community expectations and an incoming workforce that relies on technology resulted in a move to mobile. Learn how the agency leveraged Connecting Heroes to enhance capabilities without adding complexity.

Additional services

Supporting first responder organizations in every possible way.

Our Emergency Response Team can help when you need it most.

Learn how T-Mobile can help build relationships that benefit local first responders and provide technology assets to help respond to natural disasters.

Two government employees collaborate over multiple computers at the office.

Government Internet from T-Mobile.

Get affordable internet service with data. Use as primary internet or as unlimited backup for maximum resiliency and connectivity to support critical communications.

Delivered via 5G cellular network; speeds vary due to factors affecting cellular networks, including data prioritization. See full terms

Two people inspect a T-Mobile emergency satellite internet truck at a natural disaster site near a wildfire.

Contact us during disasters or major events for extra support.

From natural disasters to large-scale events, trust our experience with 24x7x365 dedicated customer support, plus mobile devices, portable satellite networking systems, and much more.

Learn more about our Emergency Management and Response.

Additional plans

Affordable ways for first responders to stay connected.

Firefighter in blue shirt with red suspenders stands looking at a smartphone in front of his fire truck

Personal plans for first responders.

Are you a first responder looking for a personal or family plan?

A group of men and women composed of firefighters, officers, sheriffs, and doctors.

Introducing Go5G First Responder Business Plan.

First responder–owned businesses get 40% off our best small business plan.

Savings vs. Go5G Business for lines 2-6 with AutoPay discount using eligible payment method, without Autopay, $5 more/line/mo; debit or bank acct req’d. During congestion, customers on this plan using >100GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at 480p. Present verification for account holder at activation, maintain first responder line, & re-verify when requested; otherwise plan becomes Go5G Business (additional cost up to $20/line per month). See full terms

Let’s partner to improve your public safety services.