Every reason to switch to T-Mobile.

You and your business can take advantage of unlimited plans and so much more when you switch. We’ll even help reimburse early termination fees or device balances up to $650 via a one-time bill credit when you switch and buy a new device. All with support from a dedicated customer service team.
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No data overages or surprise fees.

With Magenta® for Business, you’ll pay just $30 per line for 8-12 lines with AutoPay, taxes and fees included—all without the hassle of data overages and surprise fees. 

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No annual service contract.

Because you’re never locked into an annual contract, you can enjoy the freedom to focus on your business. And when your business needs change, we’ll be ready to adjust with you.

America's largest nationwide 5G network.

We cover more businesses, more people, and more places than anyone else.

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Fantastic coverage abroad.

Unlimited data and texting in 210+ countries and destinations (including Canada and Mexico), and get an hour of Wi-Fi on Gogo®️-enabled flights to, from, or within the U.S.

Qualifying plan required. Standard speeds approx. 128Kbps.

JD Power Award JD Power Award JD Power Award

#1 with our customers, four years in a row.

J.D. Power has awarded us #1 in Business Wireless Customer Satisfaction for businesses of all sizes for the fourth year in a row. Including #1 in Performance & Reliability for enterprise and small to medium size businesses.

Making the switch is easy.

Break free from your wireless carrier and get reimbursed for early termination fees or remaining device payments via one-time bill credit (up to $650/line) for up to 5 business lines ($100/line for more than 6) when you get a new device.


Join T-Mobile.

Sign up for unlimited talk, text, and data.


Bring your number.

Most phone numbers, from any qualifying U.S. or Puerto Rico postpaid carrier, can be easily transferred to our network, but it’s best to make sure yours is eligible.


Purchase your new phones or tablets.

Each transferred line requires the purchase of a new phone or tablet.


Send us your bill.

After you get your new phone, please pay your final bill. Then within 90 days of activation, send us your bill with account details and any required documents.

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Questions about how to switch?

Who can take advantage of this offer?

Businesses who are currently under a postpaid contract or a device payment plan, and have an account in good standing with any qualifying domestic carrier. You can check if you've already redeemed this offer here.

Can I be reimbursed for both an ETF and a device payment plan balance?

If you have an account with multiple numbers, some having an ETF and some with a payment plan balance, you can submit them all and T-Mobile will reimburse up to $650 per line for the first five lines and $100 for lines six and beyond. However, if you have one line with both charges, you can only request reimbursement for the ETF charge or the device payment balance.

What is an "ETF"?

ETF stands for Early Termination Fee, which is the fee charged by your carrier to cancel your service before your contract expires. This can also be referred to as a "Contract Termination Fee".

How soon after I switch to T-Mobile do I have to submit my reimbursement request?

You have 90 days (or one calendar month) from your date of activation at T-Mobile to submit your request to breakfree@t-mobilesupport.com.

What are the eligibility requirements for ETF or device payment plan reimbursement?

To qualify for the ETF reimbursement offer, you must:

  • Switch from a postpaid plan with another qualifying U.S. carrier to a postpaid plan on T-Mobile.
  • Activate service and transfer over your current number to your new T-Mobile phone.
  • Have had at least 90 days in good standing with your previous carrier and device.
  • Activate service and finance or lease a new device purchase with T-Mobile on a qualifying postpaid plan (T-Mobile Prepaid, No Credit Check, MetroPCS, and Unlimited Talk & Text Only lines do not qualify).

To qualify for the device payment plan reimbursement offer, you must:

  • Have had a device payment plan on a smartphone or tablet with a non-T-Mobile domestic carrier and have made payments on the device and be in good standing for at least 90 days.
  • Submit a copy of your device financing details with your latest payment balance from your previous carrier within 90 days of activating a T-Mobile plan.

Please note that third-party financing plans are not covered, nor are most accessory payment plans. One offer per line (either ETF or device payment reimbursement). All lines must be activated in the same T-Mobile market with the same billing address.

Can this offer be combined with other promotions?

It depends on the promotion. Currently you can only take advantage of one trade-in offer, so you can choose whether you’d like to take advantage of this ETF/device payment offer, or redeem another promotion that requires you to trade-in a device. We cannot pay off your device and/or ETFs if you take advantage of any BOGO (buy one get one) offer, or any other offer requiring a device trade-in.

I live in Puerto Rico. Am I eligible for these offers?

Yes. Just switch from any Puerto Rico carrier to a T-Mobile Puerto Rico account and follow the reimbursements steps above. To get started, visit www.t-mobilepr.com.

Will T-Mobile pay off the ETF or device payment plan on my tablet?

Yes. For the device payment plan, as long as that tablet was financed on a device payment plan that is in good standing, it is eligible for trade-in and reimbursement of up to $650 of the outstanding device payment plan amount. For ETFs, we will cover your ETF up to $350 per mobile Internet line when you trade-in your tablet. For both offers, you must purchase a new device with T-Mobile on a qualifying postpaid T-Mobile plan.

How do I request a reimbursement?

Once you have received your final bill containing the ETF charge and/or device payment plan balance from your old carrier, send a copy to breakfree@t-mobilesupport.com within 90 days of activating your T-Mobile plan to request reimbursement. We only need the page(s) of your bill that reflect your name, address, phone number(s) and Early Termination Fees (ETFs) and/or device payment plan amounts. You can send either a photo or PDF copy of your e-bill from your previous carrier.

How do I know if it is my final bill?

We require the final bill because only the final bill discloses the actual amount of your ETF or current device payment plan balance. Generally, your final bill will have a special one-time ETF charge. Most often this is listed as a "Early Termination Fee" or "Contract Termination Fee". Device payment plan balances will be listed as "installment plan balance" or "retail installment plan balance".

How do I check the status of my reimbursement?

You will receive an email notification with the status following your submission.

How long will it take to get my reimbursement?

If your submission request is approved, the amount of ETF and/or device payment balance will be issued to you within two bill cycles.

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