T-Mobile and Sprint are coming together to build the best wireless company around. We’ve been on this journey because we believe it will be better for customers. Through the years, we’ve taken major strides to answer the needs of our customers and we won’t stop.

What does this mean for you?

What’s great just got better.

As the new T-Mobile, we’ll only get stronger by making continued enhancements to our 5G network, and continuing our commitment to being the customer champion by transforming the wireless industry for good.

Got questions?

We’re sure you will have questions as we begin this journey. You can find all the answers you need about the merger here.

Building a network for ALL.

By combining Sprint’s network with ours, we’ll quickly be able to build one of the best networks around.

Massive capacity.

Over the next six years, our capacity will increase 14x over what we have today.

15x faster.

Our network will be 8x faster than current LTE in just a few years, and 15x faster in the next six years.

99% with 5G.

We already have the largest 5G network, and within the next 6 years we’ll provide 5G to 99% of Americans.

Free unlimited service for first responder agencies.

Now that T-Mobile and Sprint have joined forces, we're delivering on our promise to use 5G for good.

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Experience America’s largest 5G network.