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More phone.
Less down payment.

Get one of your favorite phones, now with a lower down payment.

A Google Pixel 8, Samsung Galaxy A15 5G, and Motorola Razr phone.

FREE select smartphones. $0 down for all.

No down payment. Yours FREE when you add a new line. $35 device connection charge.

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Buy a new phone with little to zero down

Get started your way.

Get it done online.

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Here's how it works when your lease is up. 

Upgrade to a new device

Bring your leased device to a T-Mobile store and swap it out, up to once a month.

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Pay it off in 9 payments.

You can elect to pay it off over 9 months following the end of your lease.

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Purchase your device.

After your lease ends, a charge will appear on your bill for the remaining purchase-option price of your device, plus taxes.

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Turn in your device.

Once you’ve made all your payments, you can visit a T-Mobile store and turn in the leased device, provided it is still in good condition.

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Take advantage of limited time, top deals on popular devices.

​​Get the new Hot Pink
motorola razr+ FREE.​

​When you add a line or trade in an eligible device on a Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plan.​ Exclusively at T-Mobile. Also available in Midnight Blue. $35 device connection charge.

Hot Pink moto razr+ is shown open and folded with its internal and external displays visible.

Get the new T-Mobile REVVL 7 5G FREE and $0 down for all.

When you add a line on a qualifying plan.​ $35 device connection charge.

Back and front sides of the REVVL 7 in Lunar Gray.

New customers are eligible to get free phones when switching carriers

Ready for a new free phone ON US? Having a top-notch smartphone isn't just a bonus—it's essential, especially when you are switching carriers. Throughout the year, T-Mobile rolls out different ways you can get free or discounted cell phones from leading brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google. Whether you’re shopping for a family plan, 2-line phone plans, or just for yourself, you can find our device lineup is always packed with choices.

You can save big or score a brand-new smartphone for free when you switch.

Free phones

Check out the latest free cell phone deals any time online. Throughout the year T-Mobile rolls out many deals that allow new and existing customers to get free or heavily discounted cell phones.

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Certified Pre-Owned Phones

If the new devices aren't your preference, then our used phones will hit the mark. Our certified pre-owned smartphones pass tough checks to ensure top quality. And with the right deal, you could get one for free.

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Keep & Switch

Got a device you love? Bring it over! When you keep and switch T-Mobile, you might just land some sweet savings.

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Trade & Upgrade

Old phone collecting dust? Trade in your phone and swap it out! Depending on its make and shape, you could enjoy hefty discounts or even possibly snag a free phone with one of our in market offers.

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Take the next step. 

Find the perfect plan.

Coverage down the road and across the globe.

Experience America’s largest and fastest 5G network whether you’re hitting-the-road, in the air, or traveling abroad—we’re with you.