Pay-Per-View lets you order and access one-time broadcasts, including premium movies, comedy, sporting, and must-see live shows. To purchase a Pay-Per-View event, call our TV Experts at 1-877-773-1563.

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How to watch purchased Pay-Per-View events

  • To watch a purchased Pay-Per-View event, simply tune to channel 125 at airing time.
  • If you just purchased the event, you might need to channel up or down to view the Pay-Per-View event.
  • Channel 125 always appears in your channel guide, but purchased programming is only available during the purchased event window.
  • You can fast-forward, rewind, and pause during the event, starting from the time you purchased the event.


How you're billed for a purchased Pay-Per-View event

When purchasing an event, you'll be charged at the time of ordering. Pay-Per-View purchases can be canceled any time before the event or pre-event begins.


Good to know

I purchased a Pay-Per-View event, but get an error when tuning to channel 125

You'll get an error message if you're tuning in before the event starts. At airing time, channel up and down, then return to channel 125.


Can Pay-Per-View events be recorded on DVR?

No, events can't be recorded on DVR.


What about parental controls—do they work on Pay-Per-View events?

Yes—parental controls are active for Pay-Per-View events.


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