The Home Screen is the first screen you see when logging in to your user profile. It provides easy access to your favorite programming and third-party apps.


What's on your Home Screen

  • Personalized shows and live programming based on what live TV you've recently watched
  • Recent DVR recordings and On Demand content
  • Third-party apps


TV That Learns You

  • The TV That Learns You feature is hard at work getting to know what live TV you like to watch and when you like to watch it.
  • The largest tile displays the last channel watched by that user profile.
  • Once your user profile is active for two weeks, suggested programming should begin to reflect what you like to watch most. This may take longer if you primarily watch DVR and Video On Demand content, since the feature makes suggestions based on your live TV habits.


Navigating the Home Screen

  • Move around the Home screen by using the directional pad on your remote.
  • To return to the Home Screen, press the HOME button on your remote.


Watch our video: Programming & Home Screen shortcuts

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