Learn how to use your Amazon Alexa device with TVision service and voice all kinds of commands.

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What you'll need to use Amazon Alexa with TVision

After following Amazon's instructions for setting up Alexa with a supported voice device, set up the TVision Alexa skill on your set-top box.

For Amazon Alexa to work with TVision, you'll need:


Set up an Alexa device to communicate with TVision

First, enable the TVision Alexa skill

  1. Log in to the Alexa app and choose Skills & Games.
  2. In the search bar, enter "TVision" and select it.
  3. From the TVision skill page, select Enable.
  4. Once you're routed to the TVision site, enter your TVision Customer Portal login credentials.

Next, link your Alexa device to your TV

  1. Ask Alexa to link/pair your device. Say, "Alexa, ask TVision to link my device."
  2. Select Yes to control this TV with your Alexa device.
  3. Select OK to continue.


Configure Alexa to turn your TV on or off

  1. Confirm your TV is a Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) compatible brand.
  2. Using your TV's user manual, confirm CEC is enabled on the TV Settings screen.
  3. Confirm that the TVision set-top box is connected to the HDMI port that supports CEC—usually HDMI1, but check your TV user manual.
  4. From the TVision main menu, choose Settings.
  5. Select Device, then Audio & Video.
  6. Under the CEC setting, choose Enabled.


Using voice commands with TVision

You can use Amazon Alexa to enjoy a hands-free viewing experience. Here's some popular voice commands—just say the words below.

Log in or out

  • Alexa, turn on/off my TV.
  • Alexa, ask TVision to log in user <name>.
  • Alexa, ask TVision to add a new user <user's name>.

Ask what's on TV

  • Alexa, ask TVision what I should watch.
  • Alexa, ask TVision what's on channel <channel number>.
  • Alexa, ask TVision what's On Demand/on my DVR

Get info on specific programming

  • Alexa, ask TVision to search for <series or movie title>.
  • Alexa, ask TVision to tell me about <series or movie title>.

Play, pause & record programming

  • Alexa, ask TVision to start the show <show name>.
  • Alexa, ask TVision to channel up/down.
  • Alexa, ask TVision to record this show.
  • Alexa, ask TVision to pause/resume <show/movie title>.

Switch menus & screens

  • Alexa, ask TVision to go to my home screen.
  • Alexa, ask TVision to change parental controls.

Dismiss Data Saver

"I'm still watching."


  • Alexa, ask TVision to enable/disable auto-volume.
  • Alexa, ask TVision change LCD bottom light color to <color>.

See more voice commands for accessibility settings


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