Learn how to program your remote to communicate with your TV—plus, get the scoop on pairing your remote over Bluetooth.

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Program the remote with your TV

If this is the first time you're using your remote control, you might need to set it up to work with your TV:

  1. Press and hold the Select (center) and Exit button until the LED blinks twice.
  2. Press the Select (center) button—the LED will blink once.
  3. Press 1, then find the digit for your TV brand in the chart below.
  4. While pointing your remote at the TV, press and hold your TV brand's digit.
  5. Release the button as soon as the TV turns off.
  6. Press the remote's Power button to turn your TV back on.
TV brand
0 Vizio
1 LG, Zenith
2 Panasonic
3 Philips, Magnavox
5 Samsung
6 Sanyo
7 Sharp
8 Sony
9 Toshiba

Having issues with programming? Check the advanced remote control setup guide.


Pair the remote via Bluetooth

Your remote uses infrared wireless (IR by default) to communicate with your set-top box or lite box. If your box is mounted behind your TV or hidden, you might want to pair your remote over Bluetooth.

Pair your remote

Once Bluetooth is paired, a remote only works for that specific set-top box or lite box.

  1. Point your remote at the set-top box or lite box.
  2. Press and hold 0 and Play/Pause buttons until the light at the top of the remote starts blinking.
  3. Continue pointing your remote at the box until the light stops blinking—this might take a few seconds.

Un-pair & reset Bluetooth

  1. Press the Select (center) and Exit buttons until the LED blinks.
  2. Press 9-6-6 to clear the remote.
  3. Re-pair the remote over Bluetooth.


Last channel watched function

When you're watching live TV, press 0 once on your remote to go back to the previous channel watched.

Watch our demo video!


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