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Binge On® lets you stream unlimited optimized video from select video streaming participants at no extra charge, making high-speed data last up to three times longer.


Plans that include Binge On

Magenta plans and ONE Plan are unlimited so you can already stream all the video you want without worrying. The following plans automatically get Binge On at no additional charge:

  • Simple Choice & Simple Choice Pay in Advance plans with 3 GB or higher (excludes Mobile Internet for hotspots and 2.5 GB Promotional Data Bump offers).
  • Unlimited LTE data on your phone (including Simple Choice Pay in Advance)

Don't get Binge On? Stop worrying about data limits and make the switch to Magenta where you'll get unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited 4G LTE data on your device. Learn more about Magenta plans.

All video streaming DOES count against your high-speed data bucket if your Simple Choice, Simple Choice Pay in Advance, and Data Bump plan* has less than 3 GB in addition to all other Pay in Advance (Prepaid) plans. *Customers who received a promotional data bump from 2.5 GB to 4 GB back in 2016 continue to receive the original Binge On experience (video streaming does count).


Participating video streaming services

Visit Binge On Apps List to see the participants, such as such as Amazon Video*, CBS Sports, DIRECTV, ESPN, HBO NOW, Hulu, PBS Kids, Univision, YouTube, and so many more!

*Includes channels, such as Showtime and Starz, that you stream through the Amazon app.


How to use Binge On

  • You are automatically enrolled in Binge On if you've got an eligible plan.
  • You can enable and disable Binge On at any time (enabled by default).
  • If you disable, video streaming is no longer optimized and will count toward your high-speed data.
Enable / disable Binge On from My T-Mobile
  1. At the top right, select your name/line > Profile > Media Settings.
  2. Next to Binge On, select the ON or OFF toggle.
Prepaid and some T-Mobile for Business
  1. Look under the My current usage tile next to Binge On.
  2. Select ON or OFF.
Enable / disable Binge On from the T-Mobile App
  1. Log in to the T-Mobile App.
  2. Select Profile Settings > Media Settings.
  3. Next to Binge On, select ON or OFF.
  1. Log in to the T-Mobile App.
  2. Select Account Info > Plans & Services > Add/Change Services > Other.
  3. Select button next to Disable Binge On > select Add Service and confirm.
  4. Select Continue > enter PIN > select Accept.
Enable / disable Binge On via phone

You can toggle Binge On or check the status of Binge On by dialing a code from your phone using one of the following codes:

  • #BNG# or #264# - Checks your Binge On status
  • #BOF# or #263# - Turn off Binge On
  • #BNG# or #266# - Turn on Binge On


Binge On video quality

  • Binge On optimizes video quality for smartphone screens so many video services will deliver videos that will look good on a mobile device (at DVD-quality, typically 480p or better), rather than a higher resolution version (for example, HD) which is often better suited for larger screen.
  • If Binge On is disabled, the resolution defaults to highest available based on the streaming service, the specific content, the device, and the network strength but may be independent of the quality that best suits your viewing screen. On mobile phones, the benefit of this higher resolution may not be noticeable or important to you, resulting in unnecessarily high data consumption.


Troubleshooting & support

Video streaming from non-Binge On streaming participant
  • When Binge on is enabled, only video streaming from participating video content providers doesn’t count against your high-speed data bucket.
  • Video streaming from non-participating video content providers, and data used to load and browse content on streaming provider apps and websites are still deducted from your high-speed data bucket, but at a slower rate, stretching your high-speed data up to three times longer.
  • When Binge On is enabled, all detectable video streaming (from participating services and others) is optimized to DVD-quality (typically 480p or better).
Data usage & passes
  • Because the resolution of your videos will be optimized, your high-speed data will last up to 3 times longer while streaming video, unless a provider chooses to opt-out.
  • Binge On is designed to stretch your data and provide a quality video viewing experience, while using less high-speed data on your plan.
  • Data used to load and browse content on streaming provider apps and websites, as well as any advertisements that stream prior to, or during, your selected video’s playback, also counts toward your high-speed data.
  • Binge On does not work if you're using a data pass.
  • Streaming video from included Binge On participants never touches your high-speed data allotment if you're tethering from a smartphone, tablet, or mobile internet device to a laptop, desktop, tablet, or handset.
  • Other devices (such as gaming consoles, smart TVs or streaming sticks) aren't supported.
Wi-Fi or roaming domestically
  • Binge On is not in effect if you are on a Wi-Fi network or roaming on other wireless provider networks.
  • If you stream video through Wi-Fi or roaming, your video resolution defaults to the highest available based on the internet service provider or roaming partner.

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