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Explore features and specs such as available sizes, camera options, and more.

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How do I compare iPhone?

You can compare up to five iPhone models at one time and see the different features and specs by using the drop down arrows at the top of the chart. Select which iPhone you'd like to see and the comparison chart will automatically populate with information about display, camera, battery power, and more. Use the convenient side-by-side view to easily browse new iPhone features or to compare your current iPhone with a different model.

What should I look for when comparing iPhone?

Knowing what to look for when comparing iPhone depends on what’s important to you. From price and battery life, to camera features, gaming capabilities, display size and more, use the iPhone comparison chart to narrow down your choices. If price is the most important feature, only compare phones in your budget. If capturing the best-quality pictures and videos is critical, start with the camera specs. If staying powered-up all day without having to recharge is a must, compare each phone's battery performance. Knowing which features to prioritize makes it easy to find your next iPhone.

Can I compare a new iPhone to an older iPhone?

Yes, use the chart selection to compare the newest iPhone to any available older model. If you have an older model, you'll be able to compare it to a newer iPhone and see all the latest available features.

I've made my choice. Now what?

Once you compare iPhone models and choose a device, you'll have the opportunity to click Buy Now or Order Now. After you click, you'll see more in-depth information about your device, including available colors, payment and pickup options, the latest Apple deals, and more.

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