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How do I compare Apple Watch?

To compare Apple Watches, use the drop down arrows at the top of the chart to select up to three different options. Once you've chosen your Apple Watch models, different features will automatically populate in the form of a side-by-side comparison chart, making it easy to see and compare your selections. You can browse color options, display specs, case information, sensor capabilities, battery power, and more.


What should I look for when comparing Apple Watches?

Apple Watches offer many different features. Narrowing down the right smartwatch is as simple as knowing what features are most important to you. If price is non-negotiable, only compare watches in your price range. If long battery life and the most advanced health sensors are a priority, start there. If having a huge, edge-to-edge display is a must, narrow down your choices based on display specs. If color and material is key, you can easily compare that information side by side. Keep in mind: the newest Apple Watches all have Cellular and GPS, so if you're comparing them to an older smartwatch, some models didn't have those features.


Can I compare new Apple Watches to older models?

Yes, use the chart selection to compare the newest Apple Watches to any available older model. If you have an older model, you'll be able to compare it to a newer Apple Watch and see all the latest available features.


I've made my choice. Now what?

Once you compare Apple Watches and choose a smartwatch, you'll have the opportunity to click Buy Now or Order Now. After you click, you'll see more in-depth information about your device, including available colors, payment and pickup options, the latest Apple deals, and more.

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