The new T-Mobile 5G for Good™

We changed wireless. Now we’re joining with Sprint to create the new T-Mobile. Supercharging the Un-carrier and creating an unprecedented 5G network to connect more Americans for good.

A network like no other.

Within six years, we aim to build a transformational 5G network to reach more cities and towns in the U.S. than anyone else, covering 90% of rural Americans.

New T-Mobile 4G/5G

New T-Mobile 4G/5G Coverage

T-Mobile 4G/5G

T-Mobile vs New T-Mobile in 2024
Columns depict projected average speeds.

The new T-Mobile Un-carrier 1.0

By joining with Sprint, we’re supercharging the Un-carrier. This merger allows us to deliver our boldest moves yet with unprecedented connectivity and access for ALL Americans. This is 5G for Good.

connecting heroes initiative
project 10 million
t-mobile connect

Connecting Heroes Initiative

First responder agencies get free 5G access.

10-year commitment to provide free unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data for U.S. state and local public and non-profit law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies.


Working to connect every student.

Since launching Project 10Million last year, we’ve been using the power of our biggest and best network ever to impact the lives of students and families by helping bridge the digital divide and supporting hybrid learning with free internet and mobile hotspots for 10 million eligible households.

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T-Mobile Connect

A plan to connect all Americans. At our lowest price ever.

Half-off of our lowest priced plan. Just $15 a month for unlimited talk and text and 2GB of high-speed data. Plus, an Annual Data Upgrade of 500MB every year.

More about our new network:

Experience America’s largest 5G network.

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Got questions about Connecting Heroes Initiatives?

What is the Connecting Heroes Initiative?

The New T-Mobile is making a 10-year commitment to provide every first responder agency - public and non-profit state and local law enforcement, fire and EMS first responder across the country the ability to get free unlimited talk, text and smartphone data.

Which agencies are eligible for this plan?

This plan will be available to the following agencies: public state and local and private non-profit agencies that manage Police & Sheriff, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services for cities, counties and states.

What’s included in this plan?

This plan will include unlimited smartphone talk text and data with 1GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot with 3G speeds thereafter.

  • The plan will also include Mobile without Borders and video streaming at DVD quality (480p).
  • For $15 customer can upgrade to a plan with 20GB of mobile hotspot, unlimited texting and up to 256 kbps data in 210+ countries and destinations, plus free texting & unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi with Gogo

When will this plan become available?

As soon as possible following the T-Mobile merger with Sprint.

Will first responder organizations get 5G for free too?

Yes! The plan will include free access to New T-Mobile’s 5G network!

How do I sign up my agency?

The Connecting Heroes initiative launches with New T-Mobile but today every public and non-profit state, county or city law enforcement, fire or EMS organization that’s interested, can get on the list at

Our team will start working with you on a first come, first served basis, to make sure we’re ready to light things up soon after the creation of the New T-Mobile.

Are there First Responder plans available for individuals now?

Got questions about Project 10Million?

What is Project 10Million?

Project 10Million is an initiative aimed at delivering Internet connectivity to millions of underserved student households. The program offers free Internet and free mobile hotspots – and access to low-cost laptops and tablets.

Who is eligible?

Project 10Million offers free 100GBs/year of data, free mobile hotspots, and access to low-cost laptops and tablets, to eligible students participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) - one per household. Parents will need to provide proof of NSLP approval for free or reduced-price meals upon enrollment. This approval can be in the form of a notification letter based upon request or a direct certification of eligibility letter.


Puerto Rico students are also eligible. Since all students in Puerto Rico are included in the NSLP, parents/guardians need to prove enrollment in a K-12 school in Puerto Rico by providing the student’s report card from the school or their certificate of enrollment. The certificate of enrollment is emailed to parent/guardians from the Department of Education upon enrollment in school.


All documentation must be properly signed and dated within the last twelve months.

What do students get if they are accepted into the program?

Eligible students can get FREE high-speed data and FREE mobile hotspots. Additionally, they will have access to low-cost laptops and tablets. An optional 4GB 30-day data pass is available for $15.

Is the program only available to existing T-Mobile customers?

No! The program is open to every eligible student.

Got questions about T-Mobile Connect?

What is T-Mobile Connect?

T-Mobile Connect is a New T-Mobile prepaid plan offering that will be priced to benefit low-income Americans who struggle to afford wireless. It is available to everyone.

  • The $15 per month plan includes unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data.
  • For $25 per month, customers get unlimited talk, text and 5GB of data.
  • The plan also includes an Annual Data Upgrade every year after launch with an additional 500MB of data added every year (up to 5 years) - no action needed!
  • This plan will be available after the merger with Sprint is complete.

Who will be eligible for T-Mobile Connect?

T-Mobile Connect is available for ALL Americans!

Will 5G be available with T-Mobile Connect?

Yes, all customers will have the opportunity to join the New T-Mobile’s supercharged network at an unprecedented half off of T-Mobile’s lowest priced plan.

What type of devices will be used with this program?

All T-Mobile compatible devices will work with this plan.

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