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About T-Mobile Billing

  • Day 1

    Start of your monthly billing period.
    If you are new to T-Mobile, this is the day you joined or the date your equipment shipped.

  • Day 4

    Your monthly bill will be viewable.

  • Day 18

    Your monthly payment will process if you are enrolled in AutoPay.

  • Day 20

    Your monthly bill due date.

  • Day 30

    Your monthly billing period ends.
    You will only be billed one month at a time.

What does my bill include?

You'll see 30 full days of plans and equipment changes, meaning you are billed for about 10 days of service in advance

Reasons your bill amounts may fluctuate

  • Your equipment order has not yet shipped
  • Equipment charges & promotional credits may not apply until the next bill
  • If you made a plan/service change in the middle of a billing period, you will likely see prorated charges and credits on your next bill

View and pay your bill

Save $ with AutoPay

Device trade-ins

  • Your trade-in credit will be applied at time of purchase or on your bill. Some promotion values will be split between trade-in credit and monthly recurring credits.
  • Sending us your trade-in device? The fastest way to return is at a T-Mobile store, or send it back within 30 day after receiving your new equipment
Trade-in credits will not appear on the bill until device is received by T-Mobile. Trade-in credits will be displayed as "Device Recovery Credit" on the bill.

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