Keeping your number?
Bring these to your store visit.

Valid ID

Bring one of the following:
- Driver’s license or state-issued ID
- Passport
- Military ID

See all accepted forms of ID

Account number

Find it on one of the following:
- Paper bill
- Digital bill, or in your profile on your carrier’s app

Why do we want this?

Carrier PIN or passcode

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Accepted forms of ID
We’ll accept any of these United States ID types:

•    City of Chicago ID card (CityKey)
•    Employment Authorization Document (EAD) issued by US Citizenship and Immigration Services
•    Federally-issued disability ID card
•    New York State Benefit ID card
•    New York City Municipal ID card
•    New York state learner's permit
•    Nexus ID
•    State or federally-issued ID card
•    State IDs that do not include an expiration date are accepted
•    Tribal-issued ID card
•    US driver's license
•    US temporary paper driver's license
•    US driver learner's permit
•    US temporary paper driver learner's permit
•    US Government-issued temporary paper photo IDs
•    US military ID (active duty, reserve, or retired)
•    US passport
•    US passport ID Card
•    US permanent resident card (For example: green card, resident alien card)
•    US Territory IDs including:
       o     American Samoa
       o     Guam
       o     Northern Mariana Islands
       o     Puerto Rico
       o     US Virgin Islands
Why we want your bill.
Your current carrier bill shows us your account number, which makes joining faster.

Where to find it:

•    On your digital or paper bill, your account number can usually be found in the top right corner.
•    Or, if you have your current carrier’s app, you should be able to access your account number directly in your profile.
•    Can’t find it? No problem. Just head to your T-Mobile store.
How to get your PIN or passcode.
With recent security measures, having your account number isn’t always enough. Having your PIN or passcode will save time when you join and make transferring your number easier.

How to find it:

•    Your PIN or passcode is usually the last four digits of your telephone number or Social Security Number.
•    It can’t be found on your bill, invoice, or online account.
•    Don’t remember it? No problem. Just head to your T-Mobile store.