Keep moving. Stay connected.

Talk, text, and more—all from your wrist. T-Mobile offers a variety of cellular-enabled smartwatches, so you can leave your phone behind, plus Bluetooth®-connected devices that keep you connected on the go.

Up to high speed data for Apple Watch Series 3, and up to 512 kbps on all other smartwatches.


Use one number across multiple devices.

With DIGITS, your phone and cellular-enabled smartwatch share the same number. Visit a T-Mobile store or call 1-800-T-MOBILE to get DIGITS™.

Got questions?

A wearable tends to be the label for a broader category that includes a variety of wearable tech such as activity trackers like Fitbit, Bluetooth non-connected watches like the earlier series Apple watch, and connected smartwatches that let you leave behind your handset but stay connected like the Samsung Gear S3, ZTE Quartz and Apple Watch Series 3.

A smartwatch uses a SIM, (usually embedded, sometimes will actually require a SIM card), and network connection to provide features similar to a smartphone, without actually having to be connected to any handset. The idea is to leave the phone behind and still stay connected! Smartwatch features typically include the ability to call/text contacts, check social media, stream music, get news updates, make mobile payments, track activity and utilize your favorite apps. 


A Bluetooth device means you can’t completely leave your phone behind – you do still need to have your watch connected to your handset to utilize the watch features. 

Activity trackers are just what they sound like - they track your activity. These do not provide access to features such as being able to call or text contacts, make mobile payments, stream music, receive notifications, check social media feeds, check on news, etc. A smartwatch allows you to do all of this while leaving your phone behind, plus also will provide activity tracking so you only need to wear one device to get all the benefits!

The Data with Paired DIGITS plan gives your smartwatch unlimited data and the same number as your phone.  Any calls or messages to your primary cell phone number will go to both your phone and your smartwatch, and anytime you call or text from your smartwatch it also comes from your primary cell phone number.  Max speeds 512 kbps.  On all T-Mobile plans, during congestion, the small fraction of customers using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization


The T-Mobile ONE Wearable plans also gives your smartwatch data wherever you go, but instead of using your primary phone number they give your smartwatch its own number. 

Yes, your wearable should be able to sync with your non-TMO device using Bluetooth, assuming coverage in your area is adequate from the other carrier. Samsung Gear S3 and ZTE Quartz devices can be paired with both iOS and Android devices. 


If you use Data with Paired DIGITS for your wearable it must be paired to a T-Mobile phone number on the same account to use that phone number for calls and texts.  

Yes, it will work the same as your primary line’s features. All calls and texts are billed at the same rate as part of your primary phone number. 


Currently Data with Paired DIGITS devices are able to roam anywhere in North America.  However, functionality may vary by device, i.e. the new Apple Watch is for use in the US only, and does not have roaming capabilities.

Yes, your wearable will work just like your voice line in terms of Caller ID.

BFD will be applicable to the voice lines if the customer is on a BFD eligible plan.