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​​50 dollars a month with AutoPay and a premium voice line.​


Get $200 back when you sign up for T-Mobile 5G Home Internet.

Get $200 back when you sign up for T-Mobile 5G Home Internet.


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For a limited time, get $200 back via Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® when you switch to T-Mobile Home Internet online or via chat. Allow 10 weeks.


T-Mobile customers who add 5G home internet can pay as little as $40/month with AutoPay and a Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta® MAX voice line. Enter your address to see if you qualify.


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  • If you've ever logged in to your favorite browser and typed the search phrase "home internet near me", you probably noticed that there are multiple internet service providers (ISP) to choose from, depending on where you live. T-Mobile, for example, is America’s fastest growing Home Internet provider and we utilize the next generation of wireless technology to bring connectivity to your home.

    What is T-Mobile Home Internet exactly?

    It's Wi-Fi home internet service that keeps you connected via the same great 5G network that T-Mobile smartphones run on.

    Here’s how it works: you get service through a 5G Gateway device (a combination router/modem). The Gateway converts the 5G signal to Wi-Fi, which all the connected devices in your home can then access.

    What about speed?

    Everyone has different needs when it comes to internet speed. For example, if you live alone, have one or two devices, and only use the internet casually—you probably don't need the same download speeds as a large family who has a dozen smart devices, streams movies, plays a lot of games, and works from home. T-Mobile Home Internet lets you try out Home Internet worry free—to make sure you find a plan that works for you.1

    Can I purchase higher-speed service?

    Since you’ll automatically get the service that’s available at your home address, there’s no need to upgrade. (During congestion, Home Internet customers may notice speeds lower than customers using other T-Mobile services due to data prioritization.)

    How much does Home Internet service cost?

    Unlike traditional ISPs that often require an annual contract, as well as equipment and service fees, T-Mobile offers affordable Home Internet starting at just $60/month with AutoPay discount (requires eligible payment method). No annual contracts. No extra fees.2

    How do I get signed up for T-Mobile Home Internet Service?

    First, find out if it’s available in your area yet by entering your address here and then follow the steps.

    Once you sign up for a plan, the 5G Gateway is delivered to your home. No complicated installation. Just a plug. No cable guys required.

    It's operated via an app you can download to your phone or computer. Once you download the app, you just scan a barcode on your 5G Gateway, find a good spot in the room for it, and get connected in minutes.