Introducing our newest smartwatch for kids.

Young boy looking at his Sync up Kids smartwatch


Keep your kids close, even when you aren’t, with the SyncUP KIDS Watch—powered by our biggest and best network yet.

Keep tabs and keep in touch.

Illustration of smartphone receiving signal from sync-up tracker device.

Talk and text.

Connect with texts, calls, videos, and voice messaging—parent-approved contacts only, no spam or wrong numbers.*

Real-time location tracking.

Receive updates on your child’s whereabouts with up-to-the-minute location tracking.**

Illustration of map pin showing location of sync-up tracker device on a street.

Virtual boundary alerts.

Get notification alerts in the app when your child leaves a designated area.**

Help button.

Your child can easily alert their designated emergency contacts, as well as call 911.*

Hand holding phone with SyncUP KIDS watch app open to GPS track location.

Use the app to stay connected

Take comfort in knowing location tracking, boundary setting, instant messaging, and more features are right at your fingertips on your tablet or smartphone.


Get the SyncUP KIDS Watch for FREE.

When you add a qualifying watch line.

Young boy and girl looking at the Sync up Kids watches with interactive characters

Features that will make them excited to wear their smartwatch.

Keep your kids entertained with a built-in camera, cool games, customizable themes, and interactive characters. Turn on school mode when it’s time to limit distractions.

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