Keep track of what matters.

Sync-up tracker device resting on clothes packed in suitcase.

Protect your valuables — backpack, bike, laptop bag, suitcase, or whatever you want to safeguard — with the SyncUP TRACKERTM powered by our biggest and best network yet.

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Attach and remove the tracker quickly to keep up with your lifestyle. Follow your backpack on Monday and your luggage on Tuesday.

Illustration of map pin showing location of sync-up tracker device on a street.

Locate and track.

Use your tablet or smartphone to get location updates with up-to-the-minute information on the whereabouts of your valuables.

Illustration of smartphone receiving signal from sync-up tracker device.

Virtual boundaries.

Get live alerts when any item you safeguard with a tracker leaves a designated area.

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Coverage you can count on.

Track and find anything, almost anywhere, with the power and reliability of the T-Mobile network.

See how to stay connected.

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Now you're tracking with confidence.

Sync-up tracker attached to black bag wrapped around bicycle handlebars.

Attach it and forget it.

Studying in a coffee shop and don’t want to worry about your bike outside? Use the app to set virtual boundaries, and get live alerts if your tracker moves from the designated zone.

Sync-up tracker attached to backpack resting near hiking boots and stream.

Keep your eyes on everything.

Our water-resistant tracker comes with charging accessories and a lanyard for easy portability, a light sensor, plus a ringer to help you locate any item that’s nearby, but not in plain sight.

A smartphone with sync-up tracker app shows location of a backpack. Sync-up tracker device is next to phone.

Get SyncUP TRACKERTM service starting at only $5/month.

Sign up today and get a SyncUP TRACKERTM device for Free.

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Drive safer with

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Let your kids roam with the
SyncUP KIDS Watch.