Get our best prices with Smartphone EqualityTM

Our Smartphone Equality program helps you access great pricing on our phones and plans without a credit check.

Just pay on time to qualify.

12 months is all it takes.

After 12 consecutive on-time payments, you’ll be eligible for exclusive offers on smartphones, tablets, and additional lines with no deposit required.

So many ways to pay.

Stay on-time for 12 months with any of these easy payment options.

Make a payment online at

Call or text 1-877-720-5195 to pay with your credit or debit card.

Make a payment at your nearest store.

Stay on-time with auto-payments.

If your plan is eligible, the easiest way to avoid late payments is to sign up for AutoPay. Eligible prepaid plan customers can enroll in AutoRefill.


Smartphone Equality is a program that helps you get our best available pricing on new smartphones, devices, and additional lines—that means $0 down and no credit check.

To qualify for Smartphone Equality, you must make 12 consecutive on-time payments and be on an eligible plan:

  • T-Mobile ONE
  • T-Mobile ONE No Credit Check
  • T-Mobile ONE Prepaid
  • Simple Choice
  • Simple Choice with No Credit Check
  • Pay in Advance monthly
  • Simply Prepaid
Prepaid customers who qualify must switch to T-Mobile ONE or T-Mobile ONE 55+ to take advantage of Smartphone Equality benefits.

Consecutive on-time payments are payments posted to your account within 48 hours after your bill cycle ends.

If you have T-Mobile ONE or T-Mobile ONE 55+ and make 12 consecutive on-time payments, you will automatically qualify for Smartphone Equality—the benefits can’t be taken away. If you have a prepaid plan and miss or are late on a subsequent payment before switching to T-Mobile ONE or T-Mobile ONE 55+, then you will lose the Smartphone Equality benefits and your payment history will be reset.

No. Your payments will be automatically tracked to determine whether you qualify for Smartphone Equality.

Customers who have T-Mobile ONE or T-Mobile ONE 55+ can keep their existing plan. Prepaid customers must switch to T-Mobile ONE or T-Mobile ONE 55+ to take advantage of Smartphone Equality benefits.

No. This program is a benefit that T-Mobile is providing to customers, which will not have an impact on your credit score.

If you’re a T-Mobile ONE or T-Mobile ONE 55+ customer, then you’ve already provided your SSN and had a credit check run. Customers with a prepaid plan aren’t required to provide their SSN to qualify for Smartphone Equality.

Yes. The benefits of JUMP! or JUMP! On Demand can be combined with Smartphone Equality.

No. You do not need to enroll in JUMP! or JUMP! On Demand to qualify.