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Get more of the music you love.

We give our customers streaming perks, access to exclusive content, deals on tickets to the hottest shows, and more entertainment benefits—just for being with T-Mobile.

Woman dancing to music from Pandora with headphones on
Woman dancing to music from Pandora with headphones on

Listen to ad-free radio from Pandora, every weekend.

Plus, get access to special entertainment from SiriusXM any day of the week.

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Exclusive experiences.

We give customers insider access to exclusive performances and content opportunities—like virtual artist meet and greets, free tickets to livestream concerts, and on-site venue benefits.


Reserved Tickets to the hottest shows.

Get last-minute access to see your favorite artists live, including tours, festivals, and amphitheater shows. Tickets are available up to 30 days before the event.

Today's top artists and festivals.

Justin Bieber, Florida Georgia Line, Lollapalooza, and Vegas residency performances are just a few of the big shows customers have scored with last-minute ticket deals.

Outdoor venues across the U.S.

We’re partnered with 41 Live Nation concert venues—from beautiful settings like The Gorge Amphitheatre to huge outdoor locations like Alpine Valley Music Theater.

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VIP perks at the show.

Take advantage of on-site benefits like quick access to your seats, dedicated concession lines, lawn chair rentals, and more.

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Stream and share with America’s 5G leader.

We’re the leader in coverage, speed, and now, reliability according to umlaut. Plus, our 5G network has more capacity than ever, so you can video chat or go live on social—even at big events.

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We're now America's largest and fastest 5G network.