Get in-flight Wi-Fi—now with streaming on board.

Stay connected with free in-flight Wi-Fi, streaming, and messaging on T-Mobile’s Go5G plans.

Plus, Delta SkyMiles® Members get free Wi-Fi on Delta and ON US, all flight long on select Delta flights within the U.S.—even if you’re not a T-Mobile customer.

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Take off and enjoy in-flight connection.

With qualifying plans. See plan for details. 

Go5G Next and Go5G Plus Plans

Unlimited full-flight Wi-Fi & streaming.
Unlimited texting.

Go5G Plans

Choose 4 full flights a year with Wi-Fi & streaming.
Get 1 hour in-flight Wi-Fi & streaming on additional flights.
Unlimited texting. 

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Now on nearly 100% of domestic flights with our partner airlines.

And full-flight Wi-Fi is available on select international flights.

Here’s how to use your in-flight connection on enabled Alaska AirlinesAmerican AirlinesDelta Air Lines, and United Airlines flights:

Step 1

Check your account to ensure you’re on an eligible rate plan. Turn Wi-Fi calling on prior to your next flight. Learn how here.

Step 2

Once aboard an enabled flight, place your device in airplane mode and connect to the airline’s in-flight Wi-Fi.

Step 3

After you’ve successfully connected, open an internet browser if one does not open automatically—you’ll be redirected to a landing page.

Step 4

Look for the T-Mobile logo on the page and enter your phone number to verify eligibility and start using in-flight connection.

SkyMiles® Members get free in-flight Wi-Fi on board Delta and ON US.

We’re partnering with Delta to connect SkyMiles Members to full-flight Wi-Fi on most Delta flights within the U.S. Stream, browse, and message on us, even if you’re not a T-Mobile customer.


Stream all flight long.

Sit back and relax with entertainment services like Netflix Standard with ads included on Go5G plans.

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Got questions about in-flight Wi-Fi?

  • We’re keeping you connected beyond our own signal—even at 30,000 feet. Eligible customers now have free in-flight connection, including full-flight Wi-Fi and streaming options where available. In addition to Wi-Fi and streaming, you can also message all flight long where available.

  • Unlimited in-flight messaging, Wi-Fi, and streaming where available: Go5G Next and Go5G Plus™ (including 55+, Military, and First Responder) and equivalent plans like Go5G Business Next and Go5G Business Plus (including Military, and First Responder) Magenta® MAX (including 55+, Military, and First Responder), Magenta® Plus, Magenta® MAX for Business, ONE Plus, Business Unlimited Ultimate, Magenta® Amplified, and select enterprise and government plans.

    Unlimited messaging and one hour of in-flight Wi-Fi with streaming where available. Plus, four full-flight Wi-Fi and streaming sessions a year: Go5G™ (including 55+, Military, and First Responder) and equivalent plans like: Go5G Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Go5G Business, Magenta® (including 55+, Military, and First Responder), Magenta® Deaf or hard of Hearing, Business Unlimited Advanced, Magenta® for Business, and select government plans. Also included are Simple Choice, Select Choice, and ONE plans. Plus, T-Mobile prepaid plans are included too, with the exception of T-Mobile Connect.

  • There's no sign up required to use In-Flight Connection. Make sure you're on an eligible rate plan, your phone is Wi-Fi enabled, and you've made at least one Wi-Fi call on your current device and SIM card.

  • Before you board, make sure you have:

    1. A compatible T-Mobile or Sprint phone updated with the most recent software
    2. A valid e911 address on file with T-Mobile or Sprint for your mobile number—you can verify this at or My Sprint
    3. Turn Wi-Fi Calling on and make at least one Wi-Fi call with your current SIM card

    On larger flights, in-flight Wi-Fi may be available at the gate. Generally, the cabin crew will provide instructions once in-flight Wi-Fi is available, and most flights will have information on how to connect in the seat-back pocket.

    1. Switch your device to Airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi
    2. Make sure Wi-Fi Calling is set to enabled
    3. Select the airline's Wi-Fi network (DeltaWifi, AlaskaWifi, etc.)
    4. Open any internet browser to go to the Wi-Fi homepage
    5. You’ll be automatically redirected to a login page
    6. If you’re not redirected, type into the browser
    7. Select "In-Flight Connection On Us"
      • Enter your Sprint or T-Mobile phone number
      • Enter the CAPTCHA letters and numbers in the box if prompted
      • Select "Get Wi-Fi and Texting”—the confirmation screen will appear to confirm you’re connected
  • You can use any streaming service you’re subscribed to on your flight—including entertainment on us, like Netflix, Apple TV+,, and others, if you’re on an eligible plan.

  • With In-Flight Connection, free messaging includes text messages (SMS) and data messages using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage. You can also use the social media app X (formally known as Twitter) via SMS with in-flight texting. See X support for support and details.

    All SkyMiles Members who get free Delta in-flight Wi-Fi on us will be able to use messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage for messaging while connected to Delta’s free in-flight Wi-Fi. Carrier messaging (SMS, MMS and some RCS) is not supported.

  • As part of In-Flight Connection, eligible customers get free connectivity with streaming, where available, all flight long on nearly 100% of domestic flights on partner airlines: Alaska, American, Delta and United. We partner with Intelsat, Viasat, Thales and Panasonic to give free in-flight Wi-Fi on Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, and select Delta Air Lines flights. T-Mobile is also a proud partner of Delta, giving SkyMiles Members fast, free in-flight Wi-Fi on Delta and on us on most Viasat flights within the U.S.

  • As part of In-Flight Connection, T-Mobile customers get free Wi-Fi and streaming, where available. The benefit is available all flight long on four of the biggest US airlines.

    Now, we’re partnering with Delta to give everyone with a Delta SkyMiles account, free Wi-Fi all flight long on Delta Air Lines—regardless of their wireless provider.

    Delta SkyMiles Members can expect free Wi-Fi on most Delta flights within the US, with expansion to more than 700 Delta aircraft by end of 2023. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are eligible. Accessing free Wi-Fi will also give you access to messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage for messaging while connected to Delta’s free in-flight Wi-Fi. Carrier messaging (SMS, MMS and some RCS) is not supported.

  • Anyone with a Delta SkyMiles account can enjoy free in-flight Wi-Fi on select Delta flights within the US.

    Non-Members can join Delta SkyMiles for free while on board or on the ground to access free Wi-Fi and other benefits.

    Free Wi-Fi for Delta SkyMiles Members is now available onboard most of Delta’s domestic mainline flights, and will be on more than 700 Delta aircraft by the end of 2023.

  • It’s simple:
    1) Open your device Settings, turn on Airplane Mode, then turn on Wi-Fi.
    2) Choose the network. If the Wi-Fi portal does not open, go to using your browser.
    3) Sign into your SkyMiles account or join SkyMiles for free.

  • Free in-flight Wi-Fi for SkyMiles Members on Delta and on us is now available on most of Delta’s domestic mainline flights within the US. Delta expects to have more than 700 aircraft equipped with free Wi-Fi by the end of 2023.You can expect to see free Wi-Fi for SkyMiles Members on Delta’s international and regional flights by the end of 2024.

  • Track your full-flight sessions when you fly, or use your in-flight self-service capabilities under the usage section of at