“Alexa, make a call.”

Link your T-Mobile number to your Alexa speaker to connect with the people and places that matter most—with the same hands-free convenience you've come to expect from Alexa.

A woman speaks to her Amazon Echo device.

Make & receive calls from your Alexa if you can’t get to your phone or even when it’s out of battery.

“Alexa, call mom.”

Use your voice to call phone contacts by name or number.

A woman speaking.

“Alexa, call 911.”

Make calls to emergency services when your phone isn’t available.

A siren blaring.

“Alexa, call the nearest pizza place.”

Use your voice to search and call places of interest.

An Alexa device with a screen.

What else can you do?

Check out the full list of available commands.

Setting up the skill.

  • Enable the T-Mobile skill via the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Follow the prompts to link your T-Mobile line with your Alexa devices for FREE.
The T-Mobile Alexa skill on a smartphone screen.

T-Mobile with Alexa Customer FAQs

What is T-Mobile with Alexa?

T-Mobile with Alexa allows a T-Mobile voice line to be linked with an Alexa-enabled device, so it will ring when your phone does for hands-free calling—even when the linked phone is turned off or away from home.

Does T-Mobile with Alexa cost anything?

No. T-Mobile customers can link an existing T-Mobile voice line to their Alexa device free of charge.

Can any T-Mobile line be used for T-Mobile with Alexa?

T-Mobile with Alexa requires an existing T-Mobile voice line. Data lines are not eligible.

How is T-Mobile with Alexa different than phone calling that Alexa already supports?

T-Mobile with Alexa allows T-Mobile customers to link their voice line and use their Alexa device just like their mobile phone to make and receive calls. Without a linked T-Mobile line, customers are limited to outbound calling to 10 contacts only, with no emergency calling support.

What types of calls can be made using T-Mobile with Alexa?

T-Mobile with Alexa allows users to make or receive calls to and from any number that can be dialed from their T-Mobile phone, including emergency services.

Placing calls on hold, conferencing in additional callers, call waiting, and checking voicemail are not supported. However, calling a conference bridge and calling a voicemail number are available. 

How do I setup T-Mobile with Alexa calling?

Connecting a T-Mobile voice line is done through the T-Mobile with Alexa Skill on the Amazon Alexa application. The app provides a step-by-step process for setup. Please visit https://www.t-mobile.com/support/plans-features/t-mobile-with-alexa for additional support.