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You can use your existing T-Mobile voice line to make and receive calls on Amazon Alexa when your phone is off or not nearby. Use the steps below to get started. 

Getting started

To link your T-Mobile account to Alexa, you will need:

  • A T-Mobile account with a Voice line
  • A T-Mobile ID (don't have a T-Mobile ID? Learn how to create one)
  • An Amazon/Alexa account (need to set up your Amazon/Alexa account? Go to to get started)
  • Alexa Speakers (Gen 1 to present, Echo, Show, etc.)
  • iOS 14 or Android 8.0 or newer smartphone to pair via Alexa app


Link your T-Mobile account to Alexa

To link using the T-Mobile with Alexa Skill...

To get started, you'll need to first link your T-Mobile phone number to your Alexa account.

  1. Open and sign in to the Alexa app.
  2. Select More > Settings > Communication.
  3. Under Accounts, select T-Mobile and follow the instructions to link your account.


To link using the settings in the Alexa app...

  1. Download and sign in to the Alexa app.
  2. Select More > Skills and Games.
  3. Select the Search icon in the top-left corner and enter "T-Mobile", then select T-Mobile with Alexa.
  4. Select Enable Skill
  5. On the T-Mobile login page, enter the phone number or email address and password you used to create your T-Mobile ID, then select Sign in. You will be prompted to verify your account via text message with a T-Mobile verification code. 
  6. Once verified, select the line you'd like to use for calling on Alexa and confirm your address for 911 calls.


To unlink your T-Mobile account...

  1. Within the Alexa app, More > Settings > Communications.
  2. Under Accounts, select T-Mobile > Disable Skill and follow the instructions to unlink your account. You can also search for the T-Mobile Skill in the Alexa Skill store to get started.


If your mobile number doesn't display when you attempt to link...

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with the Primary Account Holder's T-Mobile ID.
  3. Choose the line that you wish to grant a user access to.
  4. Choose Add myself to provide your T-Mobile ID with access to the line.
  5. Reattempt linking through Alexa app.


Manage device settings

Sync contacts
  1. Within the Alexa app, select the Communicate tab.
  2. Select the Contacts icon. 
  3. Select Sync
Enable all calling or block incoming calls from settings
  1. Within the Alexa app, select More > SETTINGS > Communication > T-Mobile.
  2. Toggle on/off All Calling and Incoming Calling. 
Choose a speaker to place and receive calls on 

If you have multiple Alexa devices and want to specify which device to use for calls:

  1. Within the Alexa app, select More > SETTINGS > Communication > T-Mobile.
  2. Check which devices you'd like to allow calling on. Note: All speakers are selected by default. 
Other Settings
  1. Within the Alexa app, select More > SETTINGS > Communication > T-Mobile.
  2. From here, you can make changes to other settings, like disabling the skill, editing your calling preference, and managing your emergency address.


Alexa Commands

To make a phone call...

Say, "Alexa, call [contact name or phone number]"

To answer a phone call...

Alexa will ring and announce the call / caller ID. Say "Alexa, answer call" or "Alexa, decline".

To call 911...

  • Say, "Alexa, call 911"
  • Alexa will share your e911 address with the operator prior to the operator answering the phone call


Having trouble?

Password issues

  • If you reset your T-Mobile ID password, you will be logged out of T-Mobile with Alexa.
  • An email and text message will be sent to the address and phone number registered to the T-Mobile ID that was linked to the Alexa speaker.
  • You will need to log back in with your T-Mobile ID and link your line with Alexa.

Potential Errors

Use the table below to identify and help resolve potential Alexa errors. 

Amazon Alexa errors and next steps for resolving them.


Next steps


Already linked to an Alexa

The T-Mobile number can only be linked to one Alexa. Use a different number or unpair the line with the other Alexa. 


Account type not supported

Prepaid, Business, Government, and Sprint accounts are not eligible. Contact us for additional support. 


E911 failed to update

A valid e911 address is required. See Change your billing and e911 address to learn how to update your e911 address and try again.


Generic Error

Retry, then Contact us for additional support. 


Amazon Support

Need help with Alexa skills or devices? Check out these Amazon Support resources. 

  • To get help with Alexa features or for troubleshooting support, see Alexa Support.
  • You can find support in the Alexa app under the Help & Feedback section. Download it on Android or iOS.
  • For additional help related to Alexa or other Amazon apps or devices, contact Amazon Customer Service or call Amazon support at 877-375-9365.

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