Make digital parenting control easier with FamilyMode®.

Add FamilyMode to your plan and supervise online habits across multiple devices, locate your family members with tracking, and more—all with an easy-to-use app. Just $10/month.

Your ultimate app for digital protection.

FamilyMode is a digital hub for online and real time safety for your whole family. It's ideal for online parental controls and keeping tabs on your family members virtually anywhere. FamilyMode has many features, including:

Locate your kids

Real-time location information helps you keep track of your family members and see where they’ve been.

Monitor screen time.

Understand how your family spends time online, and help them develop good digital habits.

Set content filters.

Use pre-set or custom filters to help ensure your kids only see age-appropriate content online.

Manage internet use.

Set time limits for your family, pause internet access, or give screen time as a reward.

Monitored device must be turned on and have location services enabled. Filters may not block all content you consider objectionable and won't filter secured (HTTPS) traffic. Qual'g T-Mobile plan, App install on all devices, and iOS/Android device req'd.

Even more FamilyMode features to love

Find a device.

Locate a lost connected device by triggering a sound.

Get help or check in.

Alert your family with an SOS or send your current location.

Schedule downtime.

Designate internet-free windows for homework, meals, or bedtime.

Reward good behavior.

Increase daily limits, delay bedtime, or disable downtime.

Take the next step and get FamilyMode.

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Got questions about the FamilyMode app?

  • T-Mobile FamilyMode is a family safety solution with parental controls that lets you manage your kids’ online activities and screen time across their devices, whether they’re at home or on the go. The FamilyMode app helps parents monitor location in real time, set daily screen time limits, filter unwanted apps and content, pause internet access, monitor app and browser usage, and more.

  • You can get the app by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • T-Mobile FamilyMode is a mobile app that helps parents manage their children’s digital lives with a multitude of features, including:

    • Real Time Tracking: Locate your kids in real-time and track where they’ve been in the last 7 days. Monitoring is never in secret.
    • Schedule downtime: Set internet-free times for homework, dinner, or bedtime.
    • Filtering: Customize your child’s access to only age-appropriate websites and apps.
    • Time Limits: Set a maximum daily time threshold for specific apps, platforms, categories, or total screen time.
    • Pause the Internet: Turn your family’s Internet connection on an off at the touch of a button.
    • Usage: Gain insight into how your family spends time online.
    • Notifications: send your current location with check-ins or send an SOS alert to your family if you need help.
    • Ring lost device: Locate a lost device by triggering a sound
    • Rewards: Grant extra screen time for good behavior.
  • Yes, if the phone is turned on and connected to the network, you can use T-Mobile FamilyMode to find it. If the device dies, the last known location of that device will appear on the map. You can also use the Ring device feature to locate a lost device by triggering a sound. For Android, the phone will ring even on silent or vibrate; but for iPhone, the phone won’t ring if it’s on silent or vibrate.

  • T-Mobile FamilyMode monitors app and Internet activities only. When you add T-Mobile FamilyMode to your account, you can also receive Family Allowances for free. Family Allowances helps you monitor talk and text usage. Details

  • FamilyMode has several features for tracking locations of children or other family members' phones:

    • View location & history to see the location of every family member with options to see a timeline of where the family member has been.
    • Create safety areas and get push notifications if a family member leaves the safety area.
    • Check in to send a notification to the family with current location.
    • SOS to send the family an alert.
    • Find a lost device by forcing it to ring.