Get Hulu ON US.

Now Hulu (With Ads) is included with Go5G Next.

Stream full seasons of exclusive series, plus current episodes, Hulu Originals, hit movies, and more.

How to redeem your Hulu deal with Go5G Next.

Step 1:
Go to our promotion site.

Step 2:
Enter your T-Mobile number and continue to log in with your ID.

Step 3:
Read the terms and conditions, enter your personal information, and click submit.

Step 4:
After a successful submission, you will be directed to Hulu to redeem your offer. You must redeem it within 30 days of receiving your redemption code.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs here.

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Got questions about Hulu?

  • Customers on Go5G Next plans will be eligible for Hulu (With Ads) ON US beginning 1/24/24.

  • Customers on Go5G Next plans are eligible.

  • This subscription will include Hulu (with Ads).

  • If you’re a customer on a Go5G Next plan, Hulu (With Ads) is automatically included as a plan benefit. Simply follow the steps to redeem your subscription and you’ll be set.

  • If you don’t currently have a Hulu account, you’ll need to create one when you redeem this offer.

  • Before you can redeem your Hulu (With Ads) ON US subscription benefit, you’ll need to manage your current Hulu subscription.

    • If you are billed directly by Hulu, cancel your current subscription first. Once your subscription ends, return here to redeem this offer. 
    • If you have an existing Hulu subscription billed through a third party, you’ll need to manage your account and wait until the end of your billing period to redeem this offer.
    • For detailed instructions on how to manage your account, visit the Hulu Help Center.
    • As soon as your Hulu subscription becomes inactive (you'll see the exact date on your Hulu Account page), come back here to get Hulu (With Ads) ON US.

    Please note that no refunds will be provided for subscription fees already paid to Hulu. If you choose to cancel an existing Hulu subscription to redeem this specific offer, you’ll lose any free trials, discounts, or promotional pricing associated with your existing Hulu subscription.
    Contact Hulu for more questions related to your existing account.

  • Visit and then complete the following steps:

    • On Start a new submission page, enter your T-Mobile phone number.
    • Log in with your T-Mobile ID.
    • Click Continue when the promotion page is displayed.
    • Click Redeem Here when the Thanks Page with next steps is displayed.
      You’ll be taken to a Hulu landing page to redeem your offer and start your subscription to Hulu (With Ads).
  • Follow the link that is sent to you via SMS or email and then complete the following steps:

    • On Start a new submission page, click the TFB sign-in option.
    • Log in with your T-Mobile credentials to Account Hub and go to the Promotions Offer page.
    • On the Promotions Offer page, enter your phone number AND the promotion code that was provided to you in your SMS or email.
    • Click Continue when the promotion page is displayed.
    • Click Redeem Here when the Thanks Page with next steps is displayed. You’ll be taken to a Hulu landing page to redeem your offer and start your subscription to Hulu (With Ads).
  • Hulu requires you to add your credit card when creating an account, but don’t worry! You’ll continue to receive the service ON US while you maintain a qualifying Go5G Next plan. After 12 months, customer action is required to continue your complimentary subscription to Hulu (With Ads). If no action is taken, your Hulu (With Ads) subscription will auto-renew at $7.99/month or the then-current regular monthly price. We’ll notify you when action is required on your part.

  • You’re always welcome to upgrade your Hulu subscription, but your Hulu subscription will no longer be complimentary as part of your qualifying Go5G Next plan, and you’ll be responsible for subscription fees resulting from any Hulu plan switch.

  • Hulu (With Ads) gives you access to thousands of hit shows, movies, and more from the Hulu streaming library.

  • Yes, T-Mobile for Business customers who meet all of the eligibility criteria are also eligible for Hulu ON US.