How do I connect an Android™ phone to a TV?

Want to watch video from your phone on your TV? Here’s how.

Connecting an Android phone to a TV.

There are two basic ways to connect your Android to your TV: with wires or without. We’ll be discussing how to connect via HDMI cable.

1. Figure out which charging port your phone has.

There are three types: Micro USB, SlimPort®-enabled Micro USB, and USB Type C™. You can either check the device manufacturer’s manual that came with the phone or visit the manufacturer’s website. You can also visit the T-Mobile Device Support page.

2. See whether your TV will need a special adapter.

Most newer TVs have HDMI ports that look like this. If one of the ports has an MHL® logo over it, then your TV is MHL enabled. MHL-enabled TVs won’t need an adapter; non-MHL-enabled TVs WILL need one.

3. Connect your phone to the cable.

4. Connect your cable to the adapter.

5. Connect the adapter to the TV.

6. Using your TV remote, change your source to HDMI.

That's it!

You can start watching video on your TV right away.